Different Types of Bets Explained

On this page, we explain the different types of bet which you will encounter when betting online. For a start, there are many, and for the novice punter it can be overwhelming.

This is why we've explained all of the common types of bets which you can make below, so use our guide to help you as understanding them will help you place your online bets correctly and more to the point accurately, for the best returns possible!

Head to Head

This is one of the most traditional kinds of betting that is found with betting sites. With this, you bet on the results of the event and your bet should either be for the team to win or lose, in football, you bet on a draw.

Let’s say two teams are playing, Team A and B. Online sports books will give odds on either side and for a draw. When placing a bet you choose on Team A or B to win, lose or a draw. You win if your prediction is fulfilled and lose if it is not.

If the sport you are betting on has a win, lose and draw option, the bet you place is considered a 3-way bet. But most sports have two possible outcomes. The head to head bet is the most popular kind of bet for its simplicity.

Totals (Over/Under) Handicaps

This kind of betting is becoming popular. It comes in handy when you are unable to choose between two teams.
In this bet, you predict on the number of goals to be scored in a match. Your prediction should be whether the goals will be more or less.

Determining the line in this kind of bet is pretty easy. Let’s say you think team A will score 3 goals and team B will score 1 goal. The total goals for both teams is 4; you then divide the total by 2 in order to determine the average line of 2. This gives you the chance to win on over 2 or under 2. If you think the goals will be less than 2, then your bet will be under 2 but if you think they will be more than 2, then your bet will be over 2.

Each Way Bet

Each Way Bet is usually split into 2 sections; there is the Win part and the place part. Each section of the bet carries an equal stake. For instance, when you place a £4 stake, £2 will be for the win part and the other £2 will be for the place part of the bet.

The Win section of the bet goes to the prediction of a win to the event and the place bet will go towards the position of a team in the event.

Your bet is a success if your win and place predictions are correct. In case the win section of the bet loses, the win stake is lost but you will still cash in on the place bet which is usually paid out as part of the win section. The fraction of the place bet is usually 1/5 or 1/6 of the win bet. These part values will be made available once you place the each way bet.

Let’s say you place an each-way-bet on a horse that is priced at 15/1 and it comes in second position at the end of the race. The returns will be calculated with regard to the fractions given.

The calculation:
15/1 @ 1/5 the odds = 3/1; 3/1 @ £2 = £8
15/1 @ 1/6 the odds =2.5/1; 2.5/1 @ £2 = £7


This is the kind of bet where you bet on one selection, the selection you make should be successful for you to profit.


Use this kind of betting when you want to make huge returns from a small stake. This kind of bet is also known as an Accumulator bet. You will be able to make huge returns risking very little money.

When you are used to making multiple bets, you will be able to show interest on a range of sports risking very little money.


A Double bet is a kind of an accumulator bet. This is a single bet that is placed on 2 different selections. These two selections made should be correct for the bet to be a success. If one of the bets predictions fail, you will not get any returns.


This is kind of online betting is largely used by punters all over the world. In a Treble, you place a single bet but on 3 different selections. All the three predictions have to be correct for you to cash out. If one of your predictions fail you will not get returns.