Introduction Video: How To Play Roulette By AllGamblingSites

Welcome to All Gambling Sites introduction to roulette guide. In this short guide, we will take a look at how to play roulette and also talk about some great tips for new players to the game of roulette.


How To Play Roulette 

With that let’s get started...How do we play Roulette? The goal of Roulette is to bet on what number we think a ball is going to end up on, ranging from 0 to 36.  You also have the option to …..

Depending on what you bet on, the payout will be different. 

If you bet on a number there is 1 in 37 chance, that we pick the right number. Which will give us back 36 times the bet. If you bet on any of the 50% odds, then the payout is double. Let’s say you bet 10 then you get back 20. 

How do the house treat number zero? 

As you may have noticed, this is not an odd or even number. This effectively makes it so the house is playing with one more number for every bet against you, slightly increasing their chance to win over you. This is how the house get a small advantage over you. Something that newer players sometimes do, is that they bet against their own bet. For example, bet on an even number and put a small bet on odd number. To cover its losses. We recommend never to place a bet where you end up with more than one outcome. 

So how do we earn money in roulette? 

Whenever you play roulette the house has a slight favour in every bet. So how do we overcome this slight advantage? One factor is luck, but i’m not a lucky person? So i need something that can help me minimize my losses. Until lady luck finally struck. Let’s go over some strategies that will help you beat the house. 


First Strategy is commonly known as the Martingale Strategy.The amazing thing about this playstyle, is if you had endless amount of money. You could in theory always go plus in every session. To find out more about the best winning Roulette Strategies and things you can do to help increase your winning odds, see our top Roulette Strategies page here.

So how do you do it? 

Well it's really easy, we just have to double our bet every time we lose. To explain how this works we will be using a spreadsheet. After every win we reset back to first bet, and when we lose we will go down one step in the spreadsheet. 

The Down Points

The worst part about this strategy is obviously bad luck. If we were to lose ten bets in a row the eleventh bet would be massive even if we started at lowest bet size allowed. Losing ten 50/50 in row is roughly 1 in 1024 you would need to play 1024 bets before this would happen. 

Some casino won't let you bet any amount you want . And they even have max caps what you can bet. Make sure this strategy works at the casino you are playing at.  You can always try it out with free bets first. 


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