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FA Cup 2018 Predictions: Which Way is it going to go?



Coming up with FA Cup Semi Final predictions is a daunting prospect. We have four relatively decent teams in the mix this year, and it is hard to know just who will come out on top. Honestly, I reckon that any 2 of the 4 teams could find their way into the final. Of course, you want to gamble, which means that you are going to need at least a couple of suggestions on the way to go. Here is the way that I think things may go.

Manchester United v Tottenham

Tottenham have a distinct advantage here. This is the fact for the entirety of the season, Tottenham have been playing at Wembley. Since, for some unknown reason, the FA continue to hold the Semis at Wembley, which in my opinion means that the actual final loses a touch of prestige, Tottenham are going to be playing at a ground which is familiar for them.

Teams always perform better when they are at home. Fact. That being said, Tottenham have not had the greatest season ever this year, and a lot of the dullest performances have been while they were playing at home. This means that playing at Wembley may actually end up being a disadvantage for them.

Manchester United know how to perform in the big games. Now that the biggest tournaments for them are out of the way, and they stand no chance of winning the Premier League, they have the FA Cup left. That is it. This means that they are going to be putting on their A-Game to try and make it to the actual final. As we know, Manchester United are brilliant when you need them to be brilliant.

Essentially, we have two teams who have nothing else to play for battling it out. It really is going to be a case of which team can go the extra mile on the big day. I don’t see any team going in with a distinct advantage or disadvantage. If both teams can keep their players healthy, then either one of them will be playing in the FA Cup Final when May rolls around.

If I did suggest that you place a bet, then I think Manchester United will be your safest one here, mostly because of the management behind them. The team seem a little bit more motivated than Tottenham too. I fear the fact that they are playing at Wembley will make Tottenham feel as if they are playing in any old game, rather than one which will qualify them for the final of the biggest domestic cup in the world.

Chelsea v Southampton

When I started writing this article, Southampton were playing Chelsea in the Premier League. They were 2-0 up. Chelsea ended up winning 3-2.
What does this tell me? Well, it tells me that Southampton have the capability to win games. They just tend to fall short at the final hurdle. Chelsea were on the ropes but they know how to fight back.

I think deciding the winner of this match is a bit easier for me. At the time of writing, Southampton are battling relegation. I seriously think that they should be diverting their time towards ensuring that they perform in the Premier League. Sure, winning the FA Cup is lovely and all, but staying up in the league means millions of pounds.

While either team could feasibly see this match through to the end, I think Chelsea are going to take it. That one is a safe bet.

The Final

Let’s assume that Manchester United and Chelsea hit the final of the FA Cup. Perfectly feasible. Who do I see winning? Well, again, this is going to be somewhat of a toss-up. Either team can see the match through to the end without any issues. They just need to step up on the big day.

If I had to take a punt, then I reckon Manchester United have more of an ability to win the FA Cup out of these two and that is where I would be placing my money if it came to it. However, I doubt the score is going to be that crazy. Maybe 1 or 2 goals in it…at the most.

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