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William Hill Store Called the Police Twice

After placing three bets—two on tennis and two on football matches—totaling around £2,400 and winning a total amount of £12,000.

When the punter went to collect his winnings, William Hill initially could only pay out around £5,000 and told him to return the next day for the rest. Without giving it much thought, he handed over a tip of around £110, planning to return the next day to collect the remaining amount.

Trying his luck at: Harrogate Spa Branch

The next day, the punter decided to try his luck at another outlet, this time at the Harrogate Spa Branch. To his surprise, he was told to leave the outlet immediately, and the police were called for the first time. Once the police arrived, they seemed confused about the situation and felt it was a waste of time and taxpayer money.

The punter was instructed to call the William Hill customer service number to retrieve the rest of his money.

This outcome did not lead anywhere, and he was told that he needed to return to the first outlet where he placed his bet to claim the rest of his winnings. This was due to gambling regulations, which required him to provide personal information that the punter didn't want to give out..

Heading back to Starbeck

It came as a surprise when the personnel at the William Hill outlet told him he needed to leave as it was private property and that everything was recorded on CCTV.

Not feeling intimidated by the situation, when the police were called for the second time, this time the incident was recorded.

When the police arrived, they were informed that the outlet didn't have the money to pay him. The second officer asked if they could obtain his details. The punter responded, 'I would rather not give them out, thank you.'

Then the second police officer told the punter: 'They called us because they do not have the money to pay you.' So, the outlet had called the police to intimidate the customer, attempting to get him to leave the shop.

After the outlet owner realized their mistake and the wasted resources of two police officers, they told the punter that he needed to call the customer service number.

After being humiliated and having the police called twice, the only option left was once again to call the customer service number.

What was the outcome of all this?

After three weeks and two days, with the help of an article in the Daily Mail and an MP, the punter was instructed to collect his winnings from another William Hill outlet where he finally received his cash.

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