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In our opinion, predicting the group stages for the World Cup are always the hardest part, mostly because anything can happen during them. All it takes is for a team to slip up once and they may fail to make the top 2 of their group, sending them back to the airport a bit earlier than they planned.

Here, I am going to predict who I believe will finish in the top 2 of each group. I am hoping that I get it right, mostly because I want you lot to win some cash. But, as I said, anything can happen on the day! What's more, keep on reading to find out about my predictions for this summer!

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Group A

Ever since the draw, I have long said that this is probably the most-difficult of the groups to predict. Mostly because none of the teams are that good. Russia and Saudi Arabia are the lowest ranked teams in the World Cup, which means they have an abysmal record. If I had to predict, then I think that Russia and Uruguay are going through. Russia because they have home support, Uruguay because they are a bit better than the rest.

RussiaUruguayEgyptSaudi Arabia

Group B

Thankfully, Group B is a touch easier to predict. By ‘touch easier’, I mean the only way in which I can see this group going is Portugal and Spain taking the top two positions. They are some of the best international teams in the world right now. Iran and Morocco don’t stand a chance here.

I have no idea which order they will end up in at the end. I see both Portugal and Spain beating the other teams, so whoever wins out of their match is going to top the group.


Group C

Back to the groups that are tough to predict here. Now, you would think that France are going to top this group. They are evidently the best team in it. However, France have had a tough time as of late in major tournaments. They seem to argue a lot. If that happens, then it is the flight back home for them.

If France don’t end up bickering, then Denmark and France are my pick to top the group, maybe Australia will replace Denmark if they get lucky. Peru I see no hope of going through, so they best have those plane tickets already.


Group D

Argentina have the potential to be the greatest international team in the world, but they aren’t. For some reason; their tactics are very Mike Basset (I hope you lot have seen that film?). It is simply a case of putting everything through Messi. If Messi is having an off day, then Argentina look like a pack of lost lambs.

Iceland performed well in the Euros a couple of years back, but I don’t think they have it in them to see this group out. My picks to get through to the knock out stages from this group will be Argentina and Croatia.


Group E

Oh boy. Brazil had a terrible time at the last World Cup. Let’s hope they are back on track this time. Thankfully, Group E is one of the easier ones for them to be in. I think that Brazil and Switzerland are getting out of this one.

BrazilSwitzerlandCosta RicaSerbia

Group F

Germany are nailed-on to go through from this group. They are by far the best team there. South Korea, no chance. This means that we have both Mexico and Sweden left. The team going through will be the one that gets lucky. Both teams are evenly matched, so they stand an even chance. Honestly, this is one of the only groups where I would not be willing to risk my cash on a top 2. Germany, for sure. The other one? You would be wasting your money.

GermanySwedenMexicoKorea Republic

Group G

England are lucky. This is an easy group. I know in my heart of hearts that England have what it takes to win the whole thing, and I am not saying that because I am an Englishman. Their problem is they can’t perform at tournaments. They will get through Group G, though. I think Belgium will be the second team.


Group H

Difficult to predict group again. In fact, I can’t just a single team here. I would risk my cash on Japan and Poland, though. Senegal and Colombia don’t seem to perform well on the world stage. This is going to be a very close competition, don’t get me wrong. Those teams will see it through to the knock outs. I doubt they will last those, though.


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