Latest World 2018 Cup News: Latest News & Developments for the upcoming Football WC

It is now under a month until the World Cup kicks off. This means that countries are now starting to confirm the teams that they are bringing along to the finals. There are some surprises in store too (and some completely obvious inclusions)


England do not confirm their team for the World Cup for another day. However, news has now started to leak from the England camp. Some people are now being told that they are not being brought along.

Perhaps the most prominent of these is Joe Hart. A staple in the England team for a few tournaments now, but Gareth Southgate has told him that he is not up to snuff. Jack Wilshire has been told the same. All indications are that, at the moment, Southgate is going for a younger team. He is forcing out the players with experience and bringing in new blood.

This is fine with us. The experienced players are dead weight. They can’t perform. While we don’t expect the younger players to be winning the trophy this time around, at least they are getting enough experience under their belts that they may have a hope during the next cup. There is no sense in keeping players like Hart around. He never performs and is just weighing the team down.


This is an interesting squad. Now, as you would have thought a year ago; Neymar has been included in the Brazilian squad. However, we don’t think it is the right choice.

Neymar has not played since March. He is still nursing a foot injury. Brazil seem to be pinning their hope on him that he is going to be fit for the World Cup in a month. He likely will be, but it does seem like a huge risk to think of it like this.

That being said, it is going to be tough for Brazil to perform if they do not include Neymar in the team. He is an amazing player. He has the ability to help them win the World Cup. He just is not fit, though. When he returns, he won’t be match fit either. He is certainly not going to be up to the standard of winning a World Cup.

So, in my opinion, Brazil have lost the opportunity of winning here. Not going to happen. They had an abysmal performance a few years back at their own

World Cup, and it is probably going to go a lot worse for them this time around.


The German team is equally baffling. They have opted to include Manuel Neuer in the squad. This is fine. They can do as they please. He is a good goalkeeper. However, he has played a grand total of four times since last April. He is not match fit, despite being assessed as such.

That being said, it is doubtful that his inclusion is going to be as detrimental as the inclusion of Neymar in the Brazilian squad. He is a backup goalkeeper. He is not forming the backbone of a team.

The only time Manuel Neuer is going to get called into action is if the other goalkeeper is out, and that is unlikely to happen. We also want to point out that the German defence is amazing, so the goalkeeper is unlikely to be challenged too hard anyway, even if he is not currently match fit.

We still think that Germany are going to go all the way in the World Cup. Nothing is going to change here. Their preliminary team looks good on paper. If luck goes their way (tournaments like this are always about luck), then they should be the ones lifting the cup at the end of the tournament.


This is somewhat of a fun one. There is no denying that Tim Cahill is a good player. However, his potential inclusion in the Australian National Team has come under attack.

He has not been performing that well recently. We wouldn’t include him in a team. He is still under contention, though. Why? Because he is forming the central part of a large scale advertising campaign. If he wasn’t in the team, Australia would lose money.

Obviously, Australia stand no chance of winning the World Cup anyway, but they should not give into financial pressure to include a player who has not performed or even played that much. Don’t forget to get your World Cup bets in early. From the 16th May when all teams have been announced would be a good time!

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