World Cup 2018- Winner Predictions

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The World Cup is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting sporting events in the world. When it pops up every four years, you can’t help but think huge surprises are going to happen. You can’t help but think your country is going to be walking away with the World Cup. Chances are they won’t, but it is nice to hope. Here are our World Cup Predictions - who we think will be the winner of the Wolrd Cup 2018:


I know in my heart of hearts that England stand no chance of winning the World Cup, but I am going to stick them on the list anyway. The problem with England is that they are good…but they do not know how to perform. Seriously, on a ‘good day’, England have the potential to beat anybody that is thrown in their direction, but England just don’t seem to ever have good days during major tournaments. At the time of writing, their odds are worse than Belgium.


These are the favourites among most bookmakers at the moment, and this should really come as no surprise. Germany are good. Really good. While their leagues are hardly the most exciting in the world, the best German players disperse throughout Europe picking up fantastic experience in some of the most competitive leagues in the world. The result is a Germany who is not only experienced, but a Germany that has players that have already faced off against some tremendous teams.


France seem to be the second favourite with most bookmakers, but I am not really feeling it. Over the past few years, France have not done too well when it comes to performing in tournaments. In fact, they have had some controversial times when it comes to tournament performances. I just know that something is going to happen again. Not to mention the fact that the team is not great at the moment. They stand a greater chance at getting lucky than most other teams when it comes to the World Cup, but I am not sure they are there quite yet.


Argentina seem to have a single tactic. This is to pass to Messi. That is it. Sure, Messi is a brilliant player, but even he has his off days. If he is not performing, then the way in which the whole team functions just crumbles. I reckon that Argentina stand a tremendous chance of winning the World Cup if Messi can perform consistently in every single match but, honestly, that is not something that I see happening at this moment in time. Luckily for you, the odds on Argentina are tremendous and are worth a punt for a couple of quid ‘just in case’.


I have no idea why many betting companies are listing these as the third favourite for the World Cup. Did they not see how Brazil performed 4 years ago? Sure, the team is completely different from back then, but we all know that Brazil have the potential to crumble under the slightest amount of pressure. I would not be sticking my money on these.


It is 100% guaranteed that Spain, along with Portugal, are going to get through their group. I do think that Spain will get a little bit further than Portugal. In fact, I reckon they are going to be heading all the way to the final. Will they win? I say they have a good chance. Spanish football has been on fire in recent months, and if some of that momentum can carry through to the greatest stage of them all, then Spain may be leaving Russia with a cup in their hand. 


No chance of winning. Seriously. Along with Saudi Arabia, they are one of the worst teams heading into the tournament. For some reason, many bookmakers have them at odds close to England. Do not even bother risking it. I know that home crowd support could potentially go a long way towards helping a team through to the final but let’s be honest, Russia does not have the talent to ride on that support. 

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