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Mr. Green is one of the more popular gambling sites out there, maybe not so much in the United Kingdom, but if you travel to any place where gambling is legal in Europe, then I am positive that you will see countless adverts on the television advertising the company. So, is Mr Green worth playing at for a British gambler? That is what we will look at here!

Gambling Options at Mr Green Sport

Probably best to start with this, as this is probably the only thing most of you care about.

Mr Green has a plethora of different options for the avid gambler. Obviously, you have all those fantastic sports that you can bet on. So, the popular stuff like football, horse racing, maybe even a spot of rugby. On top of that, you have oodles of other ‘less popular’ sports. I mean, who has not wanted to gamble on some handball? You even have bets which are not related to sport too. For example; who do you think is going to win the next General

Election? How about who will win Celebrity Big Brother? (yes, it really is still going on)

There are always thousands of different bets to sink your teeth into. Obviously, we always have our own preferences when it comes to the areas that we want to bet on, but do not be afraid to go out of your comfort zone on occasion, you never know what you are going to discover about yourself!

Mr Green Sports Bonus

Currently, at the tome of writing, Mr Green Sports are offering a splendid welcome sports offer for new customers only. When you join Mr Green Sports you can bet £20 and get a £10 Free Bet! Already a pro? Bet now below! Already have an account? Log in below too! T&Cs apply. New players only. Qualifying bet(s) must have minimum odds of 4/5 and must be settled before triggering free bet. 18+

18+. T&C Apply

Bet £10 Get a £10 Free Accumulator Bet

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Mr Green Live Betting Options

We absolutely love the interface that Mr Green uses when it comes to live betting. One of the biggest problems that we have with many gambling sites out there is that it is exceedingly difficult to read through the wealth of information available. Obviously, when you are betting in a live environment you need to be able to react quickly as the way in which the game is going could change at a moment’s notice.

When I gamble at Mr Green, I can see all the odds and the available bets with the quickest of glances. Obviously, you are going to still need to be a fast reader to quickly find the information that you want, but it is evident that the developers at Mr Green have worked incredibly hard to ensure that everything is as easy as it possibly could be for the users of the site.

If you are betting ‘on the go’, then make sure you download their app. It makes live betting so much easier, although more on that in a short while.

Mr Green Sports Betting Odds

It is impossible for an online site to always have the best odds. However, they should have decent odds most of the time. Despite Mr Green having a whopping marketing budget behind them, nine times out of ten they are going to have odds which are in line, and in many cases better, than most other sites online. This means that if you sign up to just a single online sport betting site, then Mr Green is going to be a decent place to get started because they make it so incredibly easy to win larger sums of cash.

You can request specific bets through Mr Green (if they are not listed on their website), but this is not something that we have ever used, so we are unsure as to what the odds would be like here. If we had to guess, then they would probably be decent too.

Mr Green Sports Mobile Betting

Mr Green is an online site which has really embraced the world of mobile betting. Their website is really simple and easy to use when you use your mobile device’s browser. The site is even easier when you download their app. Just do whatever is good for you.

Mr Green Online Casino

If you fancy something a bit different from your sport betting, then you will likely be pleased that Mr Green has a quality online casino in place too. Plenty of table games, slots etc. You can even use the money that you have won on sport betting to play here, something which most other online casinos do not allow you to do! Find out more here.

Summary? Check Out Mr Green Online Betting Site Below!

Hop on over to the Mr Green betting site today. All you need to do is whack that link below and you will be taken to, what we believe, is one of the best online sites around for sport betting.

18+. T&C Apply

Bet £10 Get a £10 Free Accumulator Bet

Welcome Bonus

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