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Best NetEnt Slot Sites in 2018

Why choose Netent Slot Sites? I could ramble on and out about why NetEnt are the best company in the world when it comes to slot machines. I won’t, though. I mean, you have places to be. I have places to be. Instead, let’s give you a quick rundown of a few of the ‘highlights’.

NetEnt Extra Spins

Ever see extra spins listed on a website as part of a ‘bonus’? Well, chances are that these spins are for a popular NetEnt game. This is how much the company loves you!

In addition to this, almost all the NetEnt games have extra spins built in as a ‘feature’ i.e. you can trigger them with scatters and what have you. This means more play for less money!

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Best Progressive Jackpot Games

NetEnt does not have the honour of having the highest paying progressive. That goes to Microgaming. Now, before you run away and check out a Microgaming slot site, hear me out! While NetEnt does not have the highest paying progressive, it has several different progressives which regularly cross the million pound prize mark, often going over the three million pound mark.

This means that you have a greater selection of slots to choose from. While if you end to a Microgaming casino you have Mega Moolah Slot, if you head to a NetEnt one, you can enjoy plenty of Netent progressives, including some of the most 'famous':

That is just scratching the surface too! So many games, each offers a completely different play experience too!

Well-Themed Games

Sure, I know that most of you who look for a NetEnt slot are probably not going to care about the theme of the game. Well, you are going to think that you do not care about the theme, at least.

In my opinion, NetEnt has one of the most creative teams out there. They can take anything and turn it into a remarkable slot. The features may be the same between slots (they tend not to be, but some are just reskins), but even when they are reskins, the features are made to fit the theme!

Not only this, but NetEnt are quite savvy when it comes to picking up brands that they can turn into slots, particularly movie and music themes, so I am positive that there is something you will like should you head to a NetEnt slot site. In fact, there are probably multitudes of things you will like. 

High RTP % (Return to Player)

You play slots to earn money, right? Well, NetEnt pay out incredibly well and offer some of the highest paying slots online. Almost all of their slots are low to medium volatility so you will not be waiting around for an age to score yourself a win.

However, if that was not enough, many of their slots have a RTP of 97.5% to 99%. This makes them one of the best companies in the industry in this regard. The only way in which you will be able to ever enjoy an RTP this high is if you play at one of the NetEnt slot sites!

Innovative Features

NetEnt seem to be one of the most innovative companies in the world when it comes to the features in their slots. In fact, NetEnt is the company that everybody follows.

We are talking oodles of extra spins, avalanche reels, bonus features with unique twists, you name it. It seems like every slot that you find at NetEnt slot sites aims to brings something new to the table.

They are always releasing new games too, probably one or two a month. Not all of them are going to be major releases which are heavily pushed by sites like ours, but all are going to be incredible amounts of fun to play! Take a look at some of the newest slots online to see what we mean!

Netent Mobile Gaming - Best Mobile Slots With "Netent Touch"

NetEnt (as far as I know) are the only company that releases dedicated mobile versions of their slot, normally under the ‘touch’ banner. They are not different from the standard slot, they have just been optimised a bit better for mobile devices. This means that they look better and they run smoother. So, if you are a fan of mobile gaming, then NetEnt slot sites are the way to go!

Check Out Some NetEnt Slot Sites 2018

If you are ready to take advantage of all the awesome benefits on this page, then head to one of the fantastic NetEnt slot sites below. These are going to be some of the best Netent sites for 2018 and beyond!

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20 Bonus Spins

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