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Best Roulette Strategies & Tips For Optimal Results 

Just like other games of skill, there are strategies players can employ to increase the chances of winning. Once you know how to play Roulette, then brushing up on ones strategy is a must,

The primary factor will be patience. Mathematical statistics work over time, so too with roulette. Players will need to have the patience to wager diligently, waiting for the right time to move in for the kill!

Strategies consider several factors, such as probabilities, progressions, the odds of a losing run, and the mathematics behind it all. Roulette is a mathematically perfect game; therefore the edge is always in favour of the house. No guaranteed system can beat the house edge with roulette, yet specific strategies tip the balance slightly in favour of players. Don’t be fooled by promises of sure-fire ways to win at roulette, because they don’t exist! 

Bet Large, Win Small, Win Consistently

Since there is no perfect strategy to win at roulette, the time factor plays a crucial role. Managing the bankroll over a period, and successful betting is the key. Consistent betting will eventually tip the balance in favour of the player, and increase the odds. The good news is that over time, players will gain more wins, albeit minor ones, yet consistently. 

The Martingale System 

The first ‘strategy’ that comes to mind is the Martingale Strategy of winning at roulette. In a nutshell, the system involves increasing the bet after every loss. That way, players will eventually strike it rich. The critical factor is to have nerves of steel and patience to wait for the win while accumulating losses. 

The Reverse Martingale System

The Reverse Martingale System, also known as ‘Paroli’, suggests a different scenario. Essentially a positive progression system, whereby players increase betting after a win, with the idea of riding a winning streak. At the same time, this keeps losses at a minimum while on a losing streak.  

D’Alembert System of Roulette 

The D’Alembert System relies on even chance bets to gather wins. The beauty of this system is that when players are on a winning streak, they ride their luck. On a losing one, they limit the losses.

Reverse D’Alembert System

This strategy follows the idea that players will need more wins than losses to be successful. It can and does work efficiently if employed correctly. 

The Fibonacci Strategy 

This system uses an unusual and somewhat exciting strategy. The Fibonacci Strategy. It utilises a slower and more prudent approach than the Martingale system. It involves winning back losses over a more extended period involving several spins.

By using this method, players use a slower rate of progression than the Martingale utilises, this is achieved by efficiently winning back losses over several winning spins rather than just one.

Even if players have many more losing runs, using this prudent system means you can still be in the black, unless the losing run extends for an unnaturally extended period, which is unlikely to happen. 

The Reverse Fibonacci

While the Fibonacci System is valid, the Reverse Fibonacci has its good points too. The rules are changed around creating a reverse version of the original.

The Labouchere System of Roulette 

Otherwise known as the cancellation method, the Labouchere System constructs betting on lines and cancel numbers off it as players win. This strategy may necessitate more analyses before using it, as it is not straightforward; nevertheless, practice makes perfect!

Cover the Table System 

The Cover the Table System may seem basic, yet also has its benefits. By betting on more than one number, and covering most of the board, the idea is that players cover the play table with bets. Players can bet one chip on all 35 or 36 numbers on the wheel. Players can opt to bet on 17 half numbers, or splits, as an alternative.  

The Flat Betting System

This system, the Flat Betting strategy has its upsides and downsides, but flat betting could lead to eventual victory. It involves betting the same amount after every spin, without any sort of progression. 

The Oscar Grind Strategy 

Yet another strategy named after the person who invented it. The Oscar Grind Strategy plays out in four separate stages, with the objective of gaining a profit with each betting cycle. Players increase bets when on a winning streak, and reduce them while on a losing one. 

The Dozens & Columns System

This system advocates two betting systems at once. Players can choose to bet on either the dozens or the columns. The first system involves betting on one dozen, or one column. The second suggests betting on two at the same time. 

James Bond Strategy

There just had to be a James Bond system, that was used in the novels!  The system covers two-thirds of the table, and the zero as well. The James Bond Strategy deserves mention since his character has been immortalised using the system that does not use a progression. 


As mentioned at the outset, a sure-fire strategy does not exist, but in the long run, betting consistently, and patiently, there are abundant rewards available playing online roulette in a live casino setting. These strategies and system are meant as a guide, yet following the advice could lead to success at the roulette table, and a high payout.

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