About Us

AllGamblingSites.com was founded in 2003 and was one of the first online gambling guides and resources for UK punters in the UK. Our aim? To help online gamblers find the safest gambling sites online and avoid those which don't have their best interests at heart. Whether you're looking for the best casinos online, the best sports betting sites, bingo or poker sites - or you're in search of helpful strategies and gambling tips, our entire site is written and published to help you discover more.

We want our readers to always have the facts about recommended gambling sites. We want to help players educate themselves about topics that are often all too overlooked, such as bonus wagering requirements, what RTP % means as well as serious topics like legislation and web security. Hopefully, by doing all this, we'll help you stay on track at the right website and also stay in control by gambling responsibly.

Why You Can Trust Us

We're a team of iGaming industry experts with over 30 years of combined experience. The AllGamblingSites.com team is made up collectively of researchers, developers and designers, data analysts, product specialists to bring you what this site is about today. On top of that, it's our personal gambling experience and knowledge is what we believe helps us do our job to the best we can. We have every base positively covered when it comes to informing our audience of when, how and where to gamble online reliably.

We Support Responsible Gambling

Whist we recommend the best gambling sites online, responsible gambling is also paramount to what we seek to achieve. In line with only ever recommending safe and reputable gambling sites to protect you, the same goes for responsible gambling. Gambling, whether online or offline, is intended to be enjoyed as entertainment and it's also supposed to be fun. We've added an in-depth article about responsible gambling here. We're serious about ensuring our readers have the tools and measures to stay in control when they gamble online.

Gambling Legislation

We're also aware that Gambling legislation is continually changing. This is why our dedicated research team keeps up to date with what's happening so we can inform you of the latest news. You can rest assured that all of the gambling sites that we recommend are fully licensed by the UK Gambling Commission as well as possess various other reputable gambling licenses under their belts. We only list and review UK Gambling sites so that UK players can join knowing they're safe and legit. Even if you're reading this from outside the UK, the chances are you'll also be able to join our recommended gambling sites and have peace of mind knowing they're the top ones., because they hold more than one gambling license. To put it bluntly - they're regulated up to the hilt!

We're aware that offshore gambling markets do exist and that gambling does take place in countries and jurisdictions where it's not legal. AllGamblingSites.com does not review, promote, engage, or operate within these "grey areas" and we never will because they're not governed, so you will not be protected if anything goes awry.

Contact Us

We absolutely love to hear from our readers. If you wish to get in contact with us for whatever reason, please visit our Contact us page and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

AllGamblingSites.com In The Media

Getting our voices heard about what we stand for is just part of what we love to do here. In today's Digital media society, it's never been easier for both companies and individuals to share and access information. Find out what we've been up to in the media and continue to read articles on other great websites to learn more about us as a company below. When we spoke to Great.com about Pala Online and The Changes in the US gambling scene

AllGamblingSites.com: Frequently Asked Questions

We.ve added some of the most frequently asked questions about AllGamblingSites.com below to give you further insight on what we do as a company and why you can trust our website to recommend the best places to gamble online!

Does AllGamblingSites.com Just Review Online Gambling Sites?

Although the bulk of our work is reviewing online gambling sites, we also review many slot games and live casino games and publish articles on betting strategies. Have a browse around to find helpful pages to enhance your gambling online. If you think we're missing anything, please contact us above to tell us!

Why Should I Trust AllGamblingSitess?

We pride ourselves on our long-running reputation of being one of the best online gambling guides in the UK. We're extremely picky about the gambling sites we recommend, each of which goes through strenuous testing phases. As such, if a site doesn't pass our testing period - you won't see them listed anywhere on this site. This means you'll only be able to read about the latest casino, betting sites and slot sites here at AllGamblingSites.com that are completely above board and fair. What's more, each of our gambling site reviews goes into great detail about why we think you can trust them as well as clearly offering licensing details and why we know they're safe. This is to help you make an informed choice. 

Even if you don't end up joining any sites that we recommend, we hope we make your job a little easier to pick the best sites to suit your preferences - and to help you stay away from rogue sites. We've been doing this for a long time and it's only in our interest to continue providing free gambling advice that's sound and helpful.

Where Is AllGamblingSites.com Located?

We started this website when the team where located in the iGaming hub of Malta. Since then, we've relocated back to our home country - the United Kingdom. The team is spread out throughout the UK. We have offices in Norfolk, Essex and also Wales - so a definite mix of locations across the UK! Whilst a lot of our work is done remotely, our HQ is located in Leigh on Sea, in Essex.

Why Did We Start AllGamblingSites.com?

We started All Gambling Sites because we're a group of professionals, who are also great friends that enjoy online and offline gambling. Some of us love horse race betting, some of us love playing online slots, some (well, one of us!) loves to play online poker (and is pretty good at it) and some of us love to play live casino games. The point is - we have a lot of combined knowledge about gambling that's been built up from years of experience.

One day, we all thought "why don't we launch a website to help others get started at the safest sites online?" And if we can help them out with strategies and also other snippets of gambling wisdom, then that's a bad thing, isn't it? That's how this website was born. It was a stroke of luck that each of us can also bring the necessary skills to get the site as it is today, such as web development, content writing, graphics design and of course, organised people who love to work on their dream project! 

From the day we started this website, we've always strived to bring you fresh gambling sites to try out, the best and fairest casino bonuses, the best odds and offers online - and pretty much everything else you'll need to have a fair and safe time online.

Does AllGamblingSites.com Have an App?

Indeed we do! You can download the AllGamblingSites.com app from the App Store (for iOS users). We, unfortunately, don't offer any app on Android due to Google Play Rules, so if you have an Apple gadget - download the app, which is a condensed version of the website, but with the same free information on the best UK gambling sites. You will also be able to activate push notifications and get the latest news when we add a new gambling site or when we have new bonuses and offers for you to discover.