Gambling Help

Online Gambling is supposed to be enjoyed as an entertaining pastime, just as another other hobby or pastime you like to enjoy in your life. Gambling for some people sometimes turns from a fun pastime into a problem. It’s hard to say when and how it happens as it really varies from person to person.

But it appears when Gambling becomes intense and is present too much in someone’s life. When it’s no longer a pleasure, but more a personal pressure on yourself to do it, a craving or indeed compulsion.

Therefore, online gambling needs to be treated with responsibility and this is the key to staying safe and making sure your gambling remains a fun past time: Remember these key points before you start to gamble:

If you think that your gambling hobby has turned into a problem and you need to talk to someone about it, there are many help organizations you can easily turn to. Alternatively, if you prefer to keep things closer to home, then a family member can help, perhaps they have already approached you as they have noticed and they can support you through this time.

Gambling Help Organisations

If you prefer anonymity, Gambling help organisations offer 24/7 helplines for instant support to problem gamblers and often provides workshops and other therapy sessions for anonymous gamblers.

They have a lot of experience to help you improve your situation. You don't have to go through it alone - there are many places to turn to. Have a look below for helplines, both local and International: GamCare OnLine Counselling  (Available to people living in England, Scotland and Wales.)