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Ghostbusters Triple Slime Slot Review

If there’s something strange, in your neighbourhood. Who ya gonna call? Probably IGT because they made a rather fantastic slot machine (yes, we know that did not rhyme!). This game is awesome in every single way.

How to Play Ghostbusters Triple Slime Slot

The Ghostbusters Triple Slime slot machine was first released in April 2017. It is a video slot machine. There are 5 reels and 720 ways in which you can win. It is a low to medium volatility slot. The house edge is between 8% and 4%. The minimum bet is 50p. The maximum is a whopping £500.

This slot machine is, obviously, based around the Ghostbusters theme. One of the things that we really love about this game is that the original cast are back for it. Well, all except Ernie Hudson who played Winston. No idea why that is the case.

Anyway, the slot machine really highlights the theme of Ghostbusters well. Never once do you feel like you are playing a slot machine with a Ghostbusters theme slapped on top of it? This is a proper slot machine built completely around the Ghostbusters franchise.

There are a few features built into this slot that you may not have encountered before, one of which is the Multiway Xtra reels, but none of the features are so complicated that you won’t have the foggiest what is going on. This is a slot which has been built for both new and experienced players. If you love the world of Ghostbusters, you will love this slot.

Bonus Rounds & In-Game Features

Staggered Reels: When you load up the Ghostbusters Triple Slime slot for the first time, you will notice that the reel layout is a little different to what you may expect. This is because each reel has a differing number of symbols in it. For the most part, the slot should play the same as every other game you have played. The only difference here is that the game will payout in both directions. This will drastically increase your chances of winning some cash.

Wilds: The Marshmallow Man (remember that fella?) is the wild on this slot. It comes stacked. As with all wilds in every other slot you have played, it will act as a substitute for all symbols bar the bonus and the scatter.

Bonus Feature: The bonus symbols are the Slimer ghost symbols. Get 3 of these and you will get the Slimer Bonus. During this bonus, all the scatters will transform into a reel. There are cash prizes on these reels. Each will spin and you will get a bonus.

If you find three or more of the ghost traps, the Triple Slime bonus game is triggered. Here, you will select various symbols. Based on what you collect here, you will have access to a bonus reel. Here, you can win up to 950x the coin value of your bet!

Ghostbusters Triple Slime Mobile Slot Machine

IGT have never really dazzled us with their mobile slots. We feel that this is because they do not have that big of a budget at their disposal. The Ghostbusters Triple Slime mobile slot machine is a nice change of pace here. It is a sublime game that has been designed to perfection.

It is oozing (see what we did there?) with beautiful graphics and ghostbustingly smooth gameplay. Basically, this is an awesome mobile slot machine.

Summary – What Do We Think?

We thought long and hard, and we really do not believe that IGT has created a terrible slot machine in a long while. They are very good at what they do. The Ghostbusters Triple Slime slot is probably one of the best that we have played from this company.

They have gone to great lengths to ensure that the game really does fit the theme of Ghostbusters incredibly well. The game looks beautiful. It does not matter who you are, we are confident that this is a game you will end up enjoying! It works for both beginners and newcomers to the world of slots.

If you want to check out the Ghostbusters Triple Slime slot machine, all you need to do is head to a website which is offering IGT games. We know that they are not going to be tricky to find, but we know that a quality site will be tricky to find. That is why our team have put together a guide to some of the best sites around. Check it out!