Kitty Glitter Slot Review

Cats. Diamonds. Free Spins. Do we really have to say any more? The Kitty Glitter slot machine from IGT is going to provide you with a fantastic playing experienced coupled with the ability to earn tons of cash.

How to Play Kitty Glitter Slot

Kitty Glitter is a slot machine from IGT. It boasts 5 reels and 30 paylines. The minimum bet is 30p per spin with the maximum bet sitting at £300 per spin. This is actually a pretty popular slot machine in land casinos, with it attracting a great deal of punters online too.

The Kitty Glitter slot machine, as you can probably guess, is themed around cats. There are a couple of sparkles thrown in for good measure.

Now, as brilliant as the theme of the game is, you have to remember that it is just a theme. None of the bonus rounds and special features are really going to be linked to the cats. For us, this wasn’t too much of a problem.

However, we do know that there are a few people out there who prefer their slot machines to actually play into the theme that they boast, so it was probably worth mentioning!

While the Kitty Glitter slot machine plays the same as every other slot machine out there i.e. you need to hit that spin button and hope for the best, most of the time you are going to be focusing on activating the bonus features. These are the features where you are going to earn some serious amounts of cash. Thankfully, the bonus features are going to pop quite often, which is marvellous!

Bonus Rounds & In Game Features

The whole focus of the game is on the free spins feature. In order to trigger the free spins, you will need to get the ‘Bowl of Diamonds’ on reels 2, 3 and 4. This will automatically award you with free spins. That is brilliant and all, but what happens when you finally get those free spins is going to be magical:

Trigger symbols: Every three that you get will award you with fifteen more free spins. You can have a maximum of 225 free spins at a time. It is rare that this will happen, but you will be surprised at just how often you will be able to boost the number of free spins that you get whilst playing the game.

Basically, if you are able to score 12 diamonds (which is unlikely, sadly, but 9 seems to be very common among people) then everything is going to be wild on the slots. This is going to lead to absolutely huge wins. This is one of the main reasons as to why people play Kitty Glitter Slot. They want those large wins that the free spins feature offers!

Kitty Glitter Mobile Slot

Mobile gamblers will be pleased to know that the Kitty Glitter mobile slot is also available. This is, of course, a pretty simple slot machine.

This means that it runs well on older devices. Since there isn’t a whole lot going on in the way of features, it makes the perfect ‘pick up and play’ game. We actually know a fair number of people who are playing this ‘on the go’ as it is a game which lends itself to that.

Summary – What Do We Think?

If you love the opportunity to get free spin after free spin, then you are really going to love the Kitty Glitter slot machine. While the game doesn’t offer free spins anywhere near as much as a few other slot machines out there, when they do pop up, you tend to get a fair number of them.

This makes the ‘lead up’ to the feature fairly exciting. We would have loved if the game had looked a little bit better but, for the most part, this is a game which you are going to have serious amounts of fun playing. IGT have yet to let us down with one of their slot machine releases, and this was not an exception to that rule!