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Pixies of The Forest Slot Review

With the ability to play 99 paylines for just 33 coins, Pixies of the Forest Slot is favoured amongst the low stake players who still want the opportunity to ‘win big’.

How to Play Pixies of the Forest Slot

Pixies of the Forest slot machine is a five reel, 99 payline slot machine. As mentioned in our little extract at the start, this is a game which tends to be favoured by the low stake players. This is because you can bet on all paylines for a mere pittance.

Well, a pittance in comparison to other online slot machines. The downside is that the ‘return to player’ is not as high as other slot machines out there.

That being said, you do have the chance to win big which does make it worth it!

This is a fantasy themed game. As you can probably guess, it is all about pixies. The ‘setting’ of the game is an enchanted forest.

Whilst the theme looks great and all, it doesn’t really play all that much into the way in which the game works. This wasn’t too much of a problem for us. It looked great and the game worked well anyway.

This game is actually slightly different to most of the other online slots that you have played. This is because it makes use of a feature known as ‘tumbling reels’. We will talk more about that soon. This, essentially, means that you will constantly be diving into a ‘bonus round’ and each spin could net you a ton of cash.

Bonus Rounds and In Game Features

These are the features that you will be able to find in the Pixies of the Forest slot machine:

Tumbling Reels: as mentioned previously, this is a slot machine which doesn’t function in the same way to other slot machines out there. It has a bit more of an ‘arcade feel’ to it. With tumbling reels, the symbols will just ‘fall’ into place. If a combination is made, then these symbols will disappear and new ones will appear. You could potentially get chain combinations on just a single spin.

Free Spins Bonus: if you get three bonus symbols on one of your winning paylines, you will trigger the free spin bonus. You will be awarded a maximum of eleven spins. During the free spins feature, there is even an opportunity to increase the number of free spins! We were surprised to find that the win rate tends to be significantly higher when you are engaging in the free spins bonus, so this is something that you are almost certainly going to want to aim for! Remember, the Pixies of the Forest tumbling reels feature is still going to be in play when you are taking your free spins, which means you could net yourself combination after combination.

Pixies of the Forest Mobile Slot

There is also a mobile version of the Pixies of the Forest slot machine. It works in the same way as the ‘main game’ so there won’t be anything new to learn when you jump into it for the first time.

In fact, when you jump in it for the first time, you are going to be pleased at just how gorgeous and well it runs. If you have ever run into a slot machine which is incredibly slow to play on mobile devices, then this offering from IGT is probably the best way to cleanse your palette.

Summary – What Do We Think?

One of our biggest gripes with the Pixies of the Forest Slot is the fact that it does have a low payout rate. We have managed to get used to machines with a tumbling reel feature that pay out incredibly frequently. They are fun to play. After all, who does not want to win some cash?

Pixies of the Forest slot is also fun to play, just not in the same way. It is going to take a bit of patience. If you are willing to put that patience in, you will win some cash. Do not give up too quickly, because that jackpot could be sitting around the corner! Of course, the theme of the game is also going to work incredibly hard to keep you engrossed.

You will be able to play the Pixies of the Forest slot on any website which offers IGT slots. If you are stuck for ideas on where to play, then just take a browse below at our recommended casinos which offer Pixies of The Forest Slot.