treasures of the pyramid slot review igt slots

Treasures of the Pyramids Slot Review

Slot machines with an Egyptian theme may be a dime a dozen, but IGT have still made something which is able to ‘stand out from the crowd’ with their Treasures of the Pyramids Slot.

How to play Treasures of the Pyramid Slot Machine

The Treasures of the Pyramid Slot Machine is a slot machine with 5 reels across 40 different paylines. The minimum bet is 40p and the maximum bet is £800. This makes it one of the most expensive slot machines out there. However, for most people that is not going to be that much of an issue. It actually has a pretty decent payout rate, so if you do play for a while, there is a good chance that you will make back your initial ‘investment’ in the game.

Now, as you can guess from the name, this game is all about Egypt, Ancient Egypt, to be exact. The colours are brilliant and the game is very well-themed.

The only real issue that we have with the game is the fact that it doesn’t do all that much with the theming. It is just there to look glamorous.

This is fine and all, but we really do wish that more was done with the theme, just to make it a complete playing experience, particularly when there are so many other slot machines out there which do things a whole lot better.

For the most part, the game is going to play just like any other slot machine out there, including the ones that you have played in those dark and dingy arcades that you may have found on the ‘seafront’ during a holiday to the beach. This means you hit the spin button, sit back, and you hope for the best.

Since this game has a pretty high payout rate, you should see those wins come in fairly thick and fast. The reason as to why we do like the Treasures of the Pyramid slot is the fact that it is simple to play. It is fine for those who just want something that has the potential to win them a touch of cash, but does not require a whole lot in the way of thinking.

Bonus Rounds & In Game Features

There are not too many bonus rounds built into the slot machine. This is fine, though. As mentioned before, this is a game which functions purely on simplicity.

There are a few features that you will probably want to know about, however. These are the ones that will be able to take your winnings to the ‘next level’.

Panthers: put aside the fact that Panthers don’t really have a whole lot to do with Ancient Egypt, they are pretty important to winning. They take up two positions on a payline. If you get 5 of them on a payline, then you will win up to 5,000 times your initial stake!
Scattered Pyramid Symbols: Get three of these, you will get eight free spins. Get 4, you get 15 free spins, 5, that is 100 free spins! During your free spins, all of your wins are going to be doubled! You have the ability to earn more free spins as you play!

Treasures of the Pyramids Mobile Slot

As with other games in the IGT range, you are also able to play the Treasures of the Pyramids mobile slot. These mobile games function in very much the same way as the main game…just a little bit smaller!

In fact, we were actually surprised at just how well the Treasures of the Pyramids Mobile Slot actually functions on a mobile device, even if the device is a bit older than the norm. You are going to experience no slow down, and the whole thing is just as fun to play. Since there is very little in the way of ‘special features’, it is actually a fabulous game to play whilst you are ‘on the go’.

Summary – What Do We Think?

Whilst the Treasures of the Pyramids Slot may not do anything drastically new in comparison to other Egypt-themed slot machines out there, we do have no hesitation in recommending the slot machine to new players.

It is actually fairly well-themed, and the slot machine does play fantastically well. It may not be your cup of tea if you are looking for heavy slot machines that are packed to the brim with bonus rounds and the like, mainly because it does not have any. However, for those who are veering their way towards slot machines online and who wish to see what the fuss is really about, then this is a game which you are going to have a ton of fun playing!