electric diva slot review

Electric Diva Slot Review

With Electric Diva Slot from Micro Gaming, you will be certainly be thrown in at the deep end. You will be thrust into the world of Spark Diva where it is your job to save the world from aliens. Of course, along the way you will also be able to pick up a bit of cash!

Electric Diva Slot Overview

How to play Electric Diva Slot

Electric Diva Slot, while credited to Microgaming, is actually a collaboration with Mahi Gaming. This results in a slot machine which is a touch different to the type of machine that they pump out. This means that when you jump into the Electric Diva Slot, you will be able to expect something special.

This is a 5 reel, 40 payline slot machine. The Electric Diva Slot demands a minimum bet of 40p per spin with a maximum of £50.00 per spin. This makes it one of the more expensive slot machines out there to play, but many people will tell you it is worth each and every penny that you spend on it!

The theming of the game is fabulous. To describe it as ‘electrifying’ would be a bit of an understatement.

The game boasts colours that pop out, gorgeous symbols, and a soundtrack that will keep you hooked. This is a very ‘dark game’. Think of something similar to the noir that Batman and the like boasts. As mentioned previously, the story of the game is very much focused on you saving the world from incredibly ugly aliens. We will cover a few of the symbols in a short while.

Playing the game is pretty simple, bar a couple of features, the game is all about hitting that spin button and waiting for the wins to start racking up. The game actually has a decent pay-out rate, so those wins should come through thick and fast (hopefully!)

Bonus Rounds and In Game Features

As mentioned previously, there are a few features in this game that you will be able to enjoy. The majority of them you will have encountered in a slot machine before. The other, which is a little bit different from the norm, is still going to be fairly simple to understand, so do not worry too much there!

Wild symbol: if you get five of these on a payline, then you are going to win back 300 times your initial stake. This means a LOT of cash in your pocket. As with most other wilds, this also has the ability to be a replacement for every other symbol in the game. This means just one wild symbol could put you on the path to riches.

Scatter symbol: the scatter symbol takes the form of a guitar. It doesn’t actually do all that much. With the scatter symbol, you will need to get five on a payline in order to earn 100x your initial stake.

Electric Diva Bonus Feature: this is your free spins feature. If you get three or more of them on a reel, then you will get 1 free spins with a 1x multiplier. If you get 4, that gives you two free spins with 2x multiplier. If you get 5, that is three free spins with a 3x multiplier. You won’t be getting these free spins in the normal game, however. You will be taken to a separate screen where the Electric Diva (the heroine in this game) will use her guitar to kill aliens. You can earn a further 40 free spins and up to an 8x multiplier. You can only trigger this feature once, so you best make use of it!

Electric Diva Slot Mobile Game

Sadly, the Electric Diva slot does not currently boast a mobile game option. However, it is likely that it will do so in the future. For now, just playing on your desktop computer is going to provide you with a ton of fun. It is also the best way in which to experience the world of Spark City.

Summary - What Do We Think?

If you love a bit of fantastic music, a well-themed game, and more features than you can shake a stick at, then you will almost certainly want to take a gander at Electric Diva Slot.

It is one of the best-themed games out there. Sure, we would have loved for the scatter symbol in this game to do a little bit more than act just like a standard symbol, but the rest of the game is fairly solid and incredibly enjoyable.