Microgaming Terminator 2 Casino Slot

Terminator 2 Slot Review

We will try to refrain from some cliché line from the Terminator range of movies when it comes to writing this review. Instead, we will just let you know how brilliant this is as a branded machine. I’ll be back (ugh, failed within 3 lines!)

How to Play Terminator 2 Slot

The Terminator 2 slot machine was designed by Microgaming. There are 243 paylines across 5 reels. The minimum bet per spin is 30p. The maximum bet is £30.

As you may have guessed, this slot is based upon the Terminator 2 movie. We are not going to go too deep into the plot, but this is the movie where Arnold plays the good terminator.

Sarah Connor and John are on the run. We are sure you have seen the film since you are reading this. Anyway, that movie is all about special effects and the like. It is all about theatrics, and this slot borrows heavily from that. Basically, the whole aesthetic of the slot is very much in line with what you would expect a Terminator slot machine to be about. The graphics are superb. The soundtrack even better. It is a fantastic experience!

As with many other branded slots, Microgaming have gone to great lengths to ensure that this game is simple to play. After all, the best way to get a legion of fans into a slot is to make it easy, but fun, to play. The Terminator 2 slot delivers on both of those fronts. In fact, it delivers a bit more than we expected.

This is not just a game which has had a theme slapped onto it. This is a game which has been built from the ‘ground up’ to play as you would expect a Terminator 2 slot to play. This means that it is great not only for slot lovers, but also for fans of the movies.

Bonus Rounds & In Game Features

Random Feature: The first feature in the game is random. If there is a non-winning spin, there is a small chance that the T-800 vision feature will be triggered. This will put you in the eyes of the terminator, scanning for targets. Basically, this means the game will scan for high level symbols. You will then be given a cash prize. A single scatter during this feature will trigger free spins.

Terminator Slot Free Spins: If you get the free spins (can also come from three scatters), you will be given 10 free spins. You will be taken to a new set of reels which will give you 1,204 ways to win. The T-1000 symbol that appears on the reels will change to give you the best winning combination.

Terminator 2 Mobile Slot Machine

Sadly, there is something more disappointing than the last couple of Terminator movies. This is the fact that there is no Terminator 2 mobile slot machine. This game was released well before the mobile game revolution, which means that it is unlikely that Microgaming will release a version in the future too.

Fear not, however. Microgaming still holds the licence to the Terminator films. This means that there probably will be a Terminator mobile slot in the future. It just will not be the Terminator 2 game.

However, thankfully, technology has advanced rapidly since then. This means that whatever does come out will be far better than this slot (and this slot is already great!)

Summary – What Do We Think?

This slot machine is fantastic. If you are a lover of the Terminator 2 movie then you will feel instantly at home. We love the way in which Microgaming have carefully blended various elements of the movie (i.e. the Terminator vision) and made them work in a slot environment.

Not many companies out there do that when it comes to their branded slots. For this reason, we fully recommend that you check it out. Both experienced players and new players will feel right at home in one of the best branded slots ever.

If you want to play the Terminator 2 slot machine, then just track down a website which offers Microgaming slots. Thankfully, these things are not going to be that difficult to find.