Tomb Raider Slot Review

Dive into a tomb and escape with plenty of valuables with the Tomb Raider slot machine from Microgaming. Will you end up staying in the game as Lara Croft?

How To Play Tomb Raider Slot Machine

The Tomb Raider slot machine is one of two Tomb Raider slot machines from Microgaming. While this is the earliest machine that they produced with their licence, by all accounts it is the far superior of the two. We must say, we are inclined to agree with this opinion.

This is a 5 reel, 15-pay line slot machine. The maximum bet is 75 coins. The game is, of course, based around the world-famous Tomb Raider games created by EIDOS.

It is a visually fantastic game (we will come to a few of the symbols that the game boasts soon) but it is really let down by its audio. It is very Las Vegas-style and doesn’t really remind you too much of the Tomb Raider franchise. That being said, we had absolutely no issues playing it, despite these sound issues. There are a few symbols in this game:

Overall, the game is very easy to play. There is nothing going on with the game that will make you majorly confused. You will be pleased to know that the payout on this machine is actually fairly high. While the jackpot doesn’t reach the heights that a progressive jackpot tends to offer, there is enough meat on the jackpot to make spin after spin on this game worth it.

Bonus Rounds & In-Game Features

There are two features that you need to be concerned with when you play the Tomb Raider slot. If you have played a slot machine before, and we are pretty sure you have, then there is going to be nothing too crazy here. It is pretty much standard fare:

Tomb Raider Mobile Slot

If you are one of those people who love the idea of exploring tombs ‘on the go’, then you will be pleased to know that the Tomb Raider slot machine also has a mobile version available. It looks and plays just as great as the desktop version. Despite this being an older game, it is optimised incredibly well. We really think that you are going to enjoy it.


Yes. It is true that this is the oldest Tomb Raider slot out there. It isn’t boasting the ‘bells and whistles’ that its successor tends to boast. We don’t feel it needs to, however. It is a simple game. It offers massive payouts. This makes it fantastic for inexperienced players who want to play around with a slot machine without being overwhelmed with features, as well as more experienced players who want to score those jackpots. Tomb Raider Slot comes highly recommended.