Energoonz Slot Review

It is tough to know what to expect when you first look at the Energoonz logo. However, when you open up the game, you will find something that is not only fun to play, but looks brilliant too.

Energoonz Slot Overview

How to play Energoonz Slot

It is very difficult to call Energoonz a slot machine because, technically, there are no reels.

To us here, this Swedish-made game from Play’n Go seems to be a combination of video games and slot machines, with the mechanics falling in both camps. It seems to be the perfect game for those who love a slot machine but want something a little bit different from time to time.

This certainly is a game that is going to stand out. Let us explain what it is all about.
The theming of this game is based around small ‘electric aliens’. It doesn’t really go beyond that, really. That being said, the

Energoonz slot machine is actually pretty wonderful to look at. We loved the cute look of the characters, even if they did not do too much in the grand scheme of things.

So, how is Energoonz different to other slot machines out there? Well, the main difference is that you don’t have reels. The game takes place in a 5x5 grid. At the start, you will notice that they spin similar to reels, however, the game is a bit more in depth than that.

When you get a ‘combination’ i.e. three matching symbols, then those will disappear from the screen. New aliens will then fall into place. This can form new combinations. The more combinations you get on a spin, the higher your multiplier will rise. One of the wonderful things about Energoonz is the fact that you can win multiple times on a single spin of the reel.

Bonus Rounds And In-Game Features

When it comes to features, there is not actually a lot in the way of features. Well, at least nothing special in comparison to other slot machines out there on the market. However, not to worry too much.

The ‘base’ game of Energoonz is incredibly fun and the features that do appear in the game do help to extend that fun somewhat. These features include:

energoonz slot playngo reels

Energoonz Slot Mobile Game

Did you know that you can also play this slot machine on your favourite mobile device? It plays just as well as the game on your PC too. This means that you will be able to enjoy a fantastic game packed to the brim with cute images and, of course, the chance to win a decent amount of cash in the palm of your hand (or in the palm of two hands if you are looking to play on a tablet!) You can play the Energoonz mobile slot through any website which offers both Play’n Go games, as well as has a mobile app.

Summary - What Do We Think?

This game is simple to play, and the artwork is surprisingly effective. Whilst there were some things which we did not like when we played the game, namely the sounds, the rest of it was absolutely sublime.

If you are looking for a game that you can just relax and play (well, as much relaxing as you can do when there is a bit of cash on the line), then we really do suggest that you take a look at Energoonz. It is not too difficult to find a website to play it nowadays either. The vast majority of major online casinos provide support for Play’n Go Slots.