Dirty Dancing Online Slot Review

It is true. You really can make a slot machine out of anything. In fact, this is the second time that somebody has attempted to make a Dirty Dancing themed slot. And, to be honest with you, this is the better of the two!

How to Play Dirty Dancing Online Slot

The Dirty Dancing slot machine offers 5 reels and 40 paylines. The minimum bet per spin is 40p. The maximum is £1000. Yes., This is probably one of the higher maximum bets to be found on a slot. It baffled us too.

We can only imagine that Playtech assumes that people who resign themselves to playing a Dirty Dancing slot tend to be those who have a bit more money to blow. Ah well. The minimum bet is good enough for us, anyway.

The theme of the game is, obviously, based on Dirty Dancing. The game is in line with the movie too. There is a TON of pink and the symbols are well designed.

We haven’t seen the Dirty Dancing movie in a while, but we are going to assume that the symbols that appear in the game are in line with what is in the movie. They look decent anyway. The soundtrack is also OK. The only real downside to the Dirty Dancing slot is that on each spin there is a small little music clip that plays. This is a song from the movie (no, not the one you are thinking of).

We are positive that the song is decent, but it gets very irritating when you are playing countless spins of the game. We recommend that you mute your speakers for a bit. Maybe throw on Dirty Dancing if you want to get in the mood?

This is a slot which has clearly been designed to pull in newer players. We are positive that there are some people out there that have never played a slot but love Dirty Dancing. This is just for them! However, if you are an experienced player and can look beyond the theme of the game, then you will find something that is truly enjoyable to play. There are plenty of features here to sink your teeth into.

Bonus Rounds & In-Game Features

The features in the game are randomly triggered. They pop up frequently too!

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Dirty Dancing Mobile Slot Machine

Playtech have done a decent job with the Dirty Dancing mobile slot machine. In fact, they have done a terrific job. We know that Playtech has always been great at making mobile slots, but this is fantastic.

The colours look great on the smaller screen. The gameplay is very smooth too. If you love Dirty Dancing, then this is likely to become one of the best mobile slots you have ever played!

Summary – What Do We Think?

For a slot machine based around the Dirty Dancing universe, it really is not as bad as you may think. It is not a game that is going to completely blow your mind. However, it does provide a nice relaxing experience. We are not massive fans of the fact the game is billed as a progressive slot as it is tremendously difficult to win the progressive (well, it is always difficult, but here it is even harder). However, for a slot machine where you are happy to have a couple of spins here and there, you can’t go wrong!