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Dr Love More Casino Slot Review

Playtech’s Oldie but Goldie video slot with an amorous theme is the loveable Dr Love More Slot. This slot game will put you in the mood for some serious loving when you start spinning. If you want to play a slot different to those of Netent or Microgaming, then choose Playtech slots to add some variance to your online casino time.

It’s really worth it as it’s always fun to try other slot types as there are so many these days, and they're all there existing to do one thing: Entertain you! And trust us, Dr Lovemore will! This light-hearted, colourful slot is a must-play whether you're new to online casinos or have been playing slots for a while. Either way, you'll enjoy the cute love and romance-themed icons, fast-paced gameplay and love the added features such as multipliers, Freespins round and of course – the opt in Progressive Jackpot.

Dr Love More Slot Overview

How to Play Dr Love More Slot

Dr Lovemore is a 5 reel, 20 pay line slot that offers extra features such as wild cards, scatter wins and free spins. This video also slot offers you the chance to play for a Progressive Jackpot as well when you play for real money, all you have to do is opt-in.

First of all, get acquainted with the rules by reading how to play when you load the slot, so you know what to expect and play the slot to your advantage. Set the slot up to your liking and within your betting boundaries which you prefer and most importantly, what you’re most comfortable with.

You can bet between 0.01-5.00 and there are 20 lines, and you can bet between 1 to 10 coins per line. You have 20 lines and can play from 1 to 10 coins per line so depending on how lucky you’re feeling if you want to impress someone, then you can bet from as little as $0.20 to as much £1,000 per bet! Definitely something for the high rollers!

Bonus Rounds & Extra Features

There’s plenty of action (excuse the pun!) in this comical slot including Multipliers, Wild Cards, Freespins round and probably the most interesting: The opt-in Progressive Jackpot feature.

Dr Love More offers you the chance to play for the Dollar Ball Progressive Jackpot when you are playing for real money only. All you need to do is click on the’ Enable’ button to be in it to win it, which is located just below the Dollar Ball jackpot sign.

You then have to choose five numbers or, if you prefer, Mr Love More Slot will pick them for you at random. Clicking on Activate will confirm your selection of numbers which you have to match with the games numbers; Every time you spin the slot, a number will appear just above your numbers. Every time the number drawn matches your selection, a win amount will be paid out to you. The jackpot is yours when all your numbers match the ones drawn above. Fret not, you can disable the jackpot game at any time.

Freespins feature: There’s more chances to win some cash with the extra Freespins rounds. Dr Love More slot has the benefit of giving away lots of free spins. If you manage to spin Dr Love More's ‘ravishing' heart-printed boxer shorts on reels 1 and 5 simultaneously, you'll be rewarded with 20 free spins. Plus, any winning combinations you score during the free spins will score you double prizes as well.

Large Opt-In Jackpot: The Dr Love More jackpot is a fantastic 10,000 coins which is not small by any measure. You need to score five wild symbols (the ‘wild' icons) across an active pay line and you'll bring home the bucks! If you manage to spin in the handsome Dr Love More scatter icon between 2 and 5 times on your reels, you'll score even more fantastic winnings, making this a great game for those who prefer playing with higher stakes.

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Dr Love More Mobile Slot

Sorry, Dr Love More isn’t feeling the love for mobile casino players which is boo for you. We’re in no doubt Playtech will get a move on and develop this slot to be mobile compatible. In the meantime, why don’t you try out

Summary - What Do We Think?

Bright, colourful graphics and a cheeky romance theme make this light-hearted online slots game a pleasure to play. Yes, it may come as a little bit cheesy but that’s the beauty we think. There are so many slots online these days which various themes, some serious, cartoony - but Dr Lovemore is light hearted entertainment.

Dr Lovemore Slot more has been going strong for a few years now. It’s funny, tongue in cheek and has a lot of betting options, and is perfect for high rollers because of the betting options and win opportunities. Play now and see yourself!