Esqueleto Explosivo Slot Review

Stop what you are doing and definitely check out Explosovo Esqueleto Slot by hipster slot makers Thunderkick. Put the salt on the table, slice up some lemons and test the brand new 3D slot Esqueleto Explosivo right away as this slot is not one to miss out on. Fiesta! Guitarra! OOOOOH, Arrrribbaaaaaaaa!

How to Play Esqueleto Explosivo

So, why are we so excited about it? Well, it’s a completely unique slot on the market with a really, really cool theme. If you're looking for some new dynamics to your casino games, and fancy a new edge to your online gambling, then let All Gambling Sites introduce you to a great range of online video slots. Exclusively from creative geniuses, Thunderkick, who are a newer software provider to the gambling market yet already proving to pack the punches by teaming up with some major league casinos, Esqueleto Explosivo Slot is one of Thunderkick Slots newest slots online and we love the theme, so perfectly designed and well put together. And above it, all very different. Esqueleto Explosivo is probably one of the more brilliant casino slots we've seen in a while. Totally quirky and very refreshing!

Bonus Rounds and Extras

With a fun and slapstick soundtrack playing in the background, it’s Enrico Mortis and his Mariachi band 'The Boners' celebrating The Day of the Dead. Haha, it's almost hilariously ludicrously ridiculous and that's why we love it. The reels are made up of brightly decorated skulls and it has a very happy celebratory feel to it. Esqueleto Explosivo is a slot featuring 15 Reels, Dropping symbols, Mucho Multipliers, Explosivo Wilds and a total of 17 pay lines. The best part is that the theoretical payback or return to player percentage is 97.6%, which blows any other online slot out of the water in terms of expected win ratio!

Esqueleto Explosivo Mobile Slot

It's unfortunate, but Esqueleto Explosivo isn't available to play on any mobile device but we're expecting Thunderkick to change this very soon, so stay tuned. If you're looking for an alternative game like Esqueleto Explosivo to play on mobile, well the truth be told there isn't so its best to play this slot on your laptop or desktop PC to not miss out on this one!


With graphics like Esqueleto Explosivo and just hilarious characters, theme and music, this slot is as fun as it gets! Esqueleto Explosivo is one of our all-time favourite slots to play. Plus, the huge % payback and win ratio is a total bonus as well. This is a highly recommended slot for its entertainment factor and we can’t wait to see what Thunderkick deliver next time.