sunset delight slot review

Sunset Delight Slot Review

A slot machine formed from ice cream? Only Thunderkick could be crazy enough to come up with an idea like this. Guess what? They managed to pull it off and create a fantastically fun game!

How to Play Sunset Delight Slot Machine

The Sunset Delight slot machine has 3 reels and 5 paylines. Your minimum bet is 10p a spin and the maximum amount that you can wager is £100 per spin.

When you jump into the Sunset Delight slot machine for the first time, it will quickly become apparent that it is not like other slot machines that you have encountered before. You see, Thunderkick figured that the reel system was just not working for them. So you know what they replaced it with? Ice creams. Not the first thing we would have jumped to if we were deciding to shake up the world of slot machines, but it works.

Each time you spin the ‘reels’, new ice cream cones will appear. The game will then put three dollops of ice cream on each of these cones. These dollops of ice cream will have different colours and styles. They are your symbols. Oddly, it is something that works very well, and we feel as though the Sunset Delight slot machine has been well-themed.

For the most part, this is basic slot machine fare. You set how much you want to bet and press the spin button. There is, however, one bonus feature that you are going to must be aware of. We will cover that in the next section, however!

Bonus Rounds & In Game Features

There is just a single bonus round in the Sunset Delight slot machine. Don’t worry though, this bonus round is ‘everybody’s favourite’ and comes in the form of free spins. In fact, this is probably one of the better free spin slot machines that we have seen out there. You will see why shortly!

Free Spins Game: In order to trigger the free spins, you will need to get three scatter symbols. These will be easy to spot on the machine as a flake will appear in one of the scoops which says ‘scatter’.

You will be given five free spins right off of the bat. The ice cream will now start piling on top of each other. Of course, you will be playing the same number of win lines.

Multipliers: On each spin, you may find flakes which say +1 spin or +1 step. The first gives you one extra free spin, the second adds to your multiplier. You can earn an unlimited amount of free spins, with the maximum multiplier being 100x. In theory, you could have just one spin in the main game, and get hundreds of free spins after that. It doesn’t quite work out like that though, sadly. It is more common to receive a few dozen.

Sunset Delight Mobile Slot Machine

Thunderkick are one of the better companies out there when it comes to mobile versions of their games. This is because everything that they design is created in HTML5. For those who are unaware, this is a ‘programming language’ that, essentially, means that the game is going to be playable on a multitude of devices.

As a result, it works well on mobile devices. In fact, when we play the Sunset Delight slot machine, we tend to stick to mobile devices. We think that it is a game that works well on them. There is not a whole lot going on, and there is no complicated interface to distract you. It is pure, wholesome fun.

Summary – What Do We Think?

This is a quirky slot machine; we give it that. However, unlike other quirky slot machines out there, this is one that is fun to play. While there is not a whole lot going on ‘feature wise’, we did love the fact that the free spins mode seemed to trigger quite a bit.

As the stacks of ice cream started to mount up, we couldn’t help but sit there, anticipating that 100x multiplier. We didn’t get it. We got high, but we did not get there.

However, a game that keeps us on the edge of our seat is certainly all right in our books. If you are looking for a fun game to play which is well-themed and unlike any other slot machine that you have played before, then stick this one right at the top of your ‘to do’ list.

You can play the Sunset Delight slot machine on any website which offers Thunderkick games. Make sure you play a few of their other games too, they are just as quirky and fun!