Quick Spin Casinos & Slots

QuickSpin may be one of the newest slot machine companies out there, but the Sweden-based developer has really been making massive strides in the slot machine market. Recently acquired by Playtech for a rather substantial sum of cash, you can only expect Quick Spin to pump out more games over the coming years. In fact, they already pledge to.

QuickSpin Online Slots

At the time of writing, Quick Spin have 26 games available on their platform. 20 of these games are currently available on mobile. Unless we are very much mistaken, this must be one of the highest percentages of a developer’s portfolio being released onto mobile devices. Quick Spin pledge to release a further 10 slots throughout 2017. 

While the slot machines offered by Quick Spin are hardly the most popular slots in the world, they are an amazing amount of fun. One of the things that we really love about the games created by Quick Spin is that all of them bring something different to the table.

Some games are simplistic in nature, with Jewel Blast Slot being one of the most popular out there. If you want cartoon-style games, then any game in the Spinions Slot range is going to be good. If you fancy something with a bit more realism, then you may want to go down the route of Sakura Fortune, one of the latest slots that they have released. 

All the games produced by Quick Spin have been designed to work fluidly on every device that they are compatible with, and reviewers around the globe have praised Quick Spin for being able to produce games which suffer from little lag, but still look amazingly good. 

Special Features in Their Games

One of the biggest criticism for Quick Spin is the fact that they do not innovate all that much with the slots that they produce. However, Quick Spin looks to shake this up in April 2017 with the release of their Achievements Engine.

Anybody who has ever played a video game will know that earning achievements is a great incentive to keep playing. Quick Spin is going to be introducing something similar to a few of the games that they have launched. 

The achievements engine created by Quick Spin records six different game events that can occur in their slots. For example, if a scatter appears, or if you manage to get two wilds as part of a winning combination. When you receive an achievement, you are recorded QuickSpin tokens. 

One of the best parts about this feature is that you can take these Quick Spin tokens and use them to buy your way into the bonus features that the slot machine offers. Of course, the features that the slot machine offer will be dependent on the game that you are playing. For example; in some cases, you will be able to play a bonus round which gives you free spins, in others, you will be able to spin a reel for prizes.

To cap it off; you will be able to earn a ‘rank’ for the slot based on the number of achievements that you have earned, immortalising you in history. Well, at least until somebody knocks you off the top spot!

History of Quick Spin

We know very little about the overall history of Quick Spin. The company does not like to talk about it that much. All we know is that they were formed sometime in the early 2010s in Stockholm, Sweden. They really hit their stride in 2012 when they could nail down a deal which took their games to over half a million online gamblers. The same year, they received an award for being the ‘Software Rising Star of the Year’. 

We do know that Quick Spin’s success was likely down to the experience of the three founders. Daniel Lindberg and Mats Westerlund both worked in top roles at NetEnt, with the final team member coming from the management team at Unibet. This means that the company was founded on the experience of knowing how to create a fantastic slot machine and being able to market it to the masses. 

Since being purchased by Playtech, also a large slot machine company (although Quick Spin has managed to retain its branding), the company has gone through an even bigger expansion. Just about every major casino that you find online will have Quick Spin games to play, and everywhere you look, it is likely that the Quick Spin offerings are going to be some of the most-played games out there.