"We Are Thunderkick, And We Make Games," Says Thunderkick. That's right, they do - only not just any casino games and slots; probably the quirkiest casino games online!

We think it’s safe to say that Thunderkick are a little bit coy about who they are but in a cool way. It’s clear that they focus on their games rather than who they are. Just take a look at their website and you'll see. As long as they continue to deliver the very best and downright quirkiest slots in the gambling industry, then that’s all that matters to them. There’s no ''Me, Me, Me'' attitude. They want to be known for their games and individuality.

Skipping on over to their company website, it’s clear they may not have the rich past, history or experience that some other software providers have, such as NetEnt and Microgaming, but from the time they launched, which was in early 2014, boy have they achieved so much in that short amount of time.

Who Are Thunderkick?

Thunderkick is a young company that develops slot games and related gaming platforms to the iGaming industry. Thunderkick is a Swedish company and is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Thunderkick is keeping up with their Swedish rivals not only product-wise but also reputation-wise – being innovators, forward thinkers and oh so very different. To be successful, they also share the same passion and visions as their fellow countrymen slash competitor does– that would be NetEnt of course.

Thunderkick holds a Maltese gaming license so we are waiting for them to enter more territories, especially the UK so they can open up their world more outside of Scandinavia. We're also waiting for Thunderkick to also make their casino slots mobile-friendly, which sadly they are not yet but they're on the way. We think that it’s clear that Thunderkick has had a colossal rise and growth, that even themselves were not expecting.

Thunderkick was founded by a creative and hip team with years of experience in gaming and game development. All of Thunderkick’s games and platform development are done in-house which makes it's even more fascinating, and no corners are cut; there’s no outsourcing and that helps to keep everything they do top quality but also parallel to their plans and also their vision.

The Thunderkick team is driven by a passion for developing amusing games and they strive to let quality come before quantity. They have a total of 10 slots (at time of writing) which have now been rolled out to most top online casinos. They started off a couple of years ago with Casumo being the first to offer their games and then Vera & John followed not long after.

It’s great to see a company have a ‘less speed and more haste’ attitude. Thunder kick is onto a good thing and they’re not ruining it by rushing or compromising anything.

Independent, Innovative & Quirky Casino Games

Thunderkick want to contribute to a change in the gaming industry by enhancing the overall user experience of online casino but also inject that fun factor in it as well. We’re all for that as casino is supposed to be enjoyable in the classic sense but also with the modern sense.

Online casino nowadays is fun and entertaining so as long as you have a mix, then it will continue that way. It’s important to them to deliver quirky, funny and strategically different casinos slots, slots that are like no other slots you will be able to find from another casino game manufacturer.

Thunderkicks Next Step & the Future?

That’s all we know about Thunderkick right now, but we get the sense that’s all we should know. Thunderkick is concentrating on delivering more slots including mobile slots and keeping one step ahead of their competitors in the way they can compete – and that is innovation but first and foremost: individuality.