elk studios dj wild slot review

DJ Wild Slot Review (Elk Studios)

If you love your music-based slot machines, then you are going to love the DJ Wild slot from Elk Gaming. We are actually surprised that such a small studio are able to put together a game which is just so fun to play. This one comes highly recommended by us. Read on to find out more!

DJ Wild Slot Overview

How to Play DJ Wild Slot

On the DJ Wild slot you will find 5 reels and 10 pay lines. The minimum bet per spin is 25p. The maximum bet per spin is £100. This is a medium volatility slot machine with a house edge of 3.7%.

As you can probably guess from the name, DJ Wild is all about music. We are aware that the whole design of the machine may not be everybody’s cup of tea. They seem similar to the sort of thing that you would experience if you were in the midst of an LSD trip (not that we would know, but school teaching dresses it up that way).

Basically, the colours are incredibly bright and they seriously stand out. We think that they look good. At least, if you are going to be looking at them for short bursts of time. The real focus of the game is music, anyway. And, to be honest, the music that this game boasts is absolutely tremendous. This is one game that we were not reaching for the mute button on!

This game is simple to play. If you are expecting to jump into a game which requires the acumen of a rocket scientist, then you are going to want to look elsewhere. This is not going to be a slot machine for you. However, if you are after a game which boasts high amounts of fun for players from all walks of life, then this is a top machine to go for!

Bonus Rounds In Game Features

There are several features which can appear in this game. The one that will appear on every spin is ‘win both ways’. Now, when you read the previous section, you may have been disappointed to learn that the slot machine only has 10 pay lines. However, the game pays out from left to right and right to left. This means that it should not cause too much of an issue.

The second feature which will be appearing the most is the expanding wilds respins. Any time the DJ Wild Logo appears on the reels, this feature will trigger. How it works will be dependent on the colour of the logo. If it is orange, gray, or pink, it will expand to cover the whole reel vertically. If it is green or blue, it will then spread horizontally. It is worth noting that 3 can’t be wild. Therefore, if it does spread horizontally, the wild will only cover two reels. This is more than fine, though. You should still be able to generate a few wins that way.

The third reel is not going to be left on its lonesome when it comes to wilds, though. If you get the DJ Wild slot logo in the middle reel, then you will be given back 500x your bet.

DJ Wild Mobile Slot Machine

The DJ Wild mobile slot machine is impeccable. The colours stand out even more on it. Again, not something that everybody is going to like, but something that we love. This is one of the more enjoyable slot machines that we have seen in recent years. We are sure you are going to love it too.

Summary – What Do We Think?

This is not a bad slot machine. Not a bad slot machine at all. Sure, it is not packed to the brim with features, but we had a proper hoot playing it. You would be hard-pressed to find a slot machine on the market which is so simple, yet is still so fun to play. Kudos to the designers.

We are, once again, going to highlight the fact that the team behind this game are small. We can’t imagine that Elk Gaming has anywhere near the budget to develop games in the same way that NetEnt does. However, that does not mean that they do not make the most of the money that they have.