Avalon Slot Review

While Avalon have recently launched the sequel to this machine, we can’t help but feel that the original slot is superior. Whether this is down to nostalgia or not, we do not know. However, we do know that you are going to have a fun time playing it!

Avalon Slot Overview

How to Play Avalon Slot Machine

The Avalon slot machine was designed by Microgaming. It offers 20 paylines across five reels. If you are going to get the most out of the slot machine, and we are sure you are as you are a sensible gambler, then the maximum coin size is £0.50p and the minimum coin size is 0.01p. The maximum number of coins you can bet per line is 10 and the minimum is 1. This means that the minimum bet is 20p and the maximum bet is £100.

Being British, we love the theme of this game. It is based on Arthurian legend (you know, the thing that was parodied in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, although the machine is nowhere near that funny). It is one of the older slot machines that Microgaming have in operation, and they have released an updated version since, but we still love the overall graphical style of Avalon. We even love the music.

If you like to win huge sums of cash but you do not want to interact with the machine all that much, then you are going to love the inclusion of the ‘expert mode’ on the Avalon slot machine. With this mode, you can just set the game to play for you. This is perfect if you are making a cup of tea but you can’t seem to break yourself away from the huge wins that the slot loves to pump out! While it is called ‘expert mode’, we see no reason why it can’t be used by a beginner.

The game is simple to play. If you are capable of hitting the spin button, then you are pretty much set. Again, we must reiterate that this is one of the older machines operated by Microgaming so you can’t expect to see a ton of features, but what is there is remarkably great!

Bonus Rounds & In-Game Features

There is just one feature of note in the Avalon slot machine. This comes in the form of a Free Spins game (we were rejoicing at this). In order to trigger that, you will need to get three of the ‘Lady of the Lake’ symbols.

The more symbols you get to trigger the free mode, the higher your bonus will be. In fact, if you get five of the ladies on the screen, then your original bet will be multiplied by 200x.

One of the things that we love about the Avalon slot machine is that multiple wilds can appear during the free spins. We know this may not sound all that exciting to you right now. Plenty of other slot machines out there do it. However, Avalon was one of the first. They paved the way.

Avalon Mobile Slot Machine

There is also an Avalon mobile slot machine available. As you can expect from a Microgaming game, it does play well on mobile devices. Yes, Avalon is an older game.

Microgaming had absolutely no obligation to port the slot machine to mobile devices, but they did anyway, and it works well. It is smooth and the colours just pop out on the screen. Honestly, we have very little complaint about the slot machine. It works the same as the desktop version of the game, and we loved that anyway!

Summary – What Do We Think?

Before we write reviews, we always read other reviews on slot machines. One of the biggest gripes other reviewers had with Avalon is that the paytable is a little bit skewed. Avalon really doesn’t award a ton of cash when you get wilds. We can agree with that. However, we honestly do not mind. The money is going to come in thick and fast from other sources, so it isn’t an issue for us! Plus, we love free spin slot machines, so that earns Avalon points in our book!

While we have played the second iteration of the Avalon slot machine, this is one that we have returned to time and time again. It provides fantastic amounts of gameplay. It is simple, but it is the perfect slot for just ‘zoning’ out.