Fruit vs Candy Slot Review

Find the Lost Vegas slot machine a little bit too scary? Want something that boasts the same gameplay, but is a bit more colourful? Well, give the Fruit vs Candy slot a play! This is one of the better ones Microgaming has launched!

How to Play Fruit vs Candy Slot

On the Fruit vs Candy slot machine, there are 5 reels and 243 ways in which you can win. The minimum bet per spin is 30p. The maximum bet is £45. Those who have played the Lost Vegas slot before will instantly realise that Fruit vs Candy is a mere reskinning of it. As a result, there are two different ‘game modes’ built into the game, one of which is more lucrative than the other.

This is a slot machine that is not that heavily themed, at least when you compare it to Lost Vegas. To use, it seems that the slot has mainly been designed for the ‘Facebook’ crowd (we do not mean that as an insult, we swear!). This means that the game boasts bright colours and a rather simple look. We can’t really complain here, to be perfectly honest. The slot does look great, and that is all we really want from it. The soundtrack is fantastic too!

This is a simple slot to understand. Yeah, there are two versions of the slot machine, but both of these are relatively simple to understand about what needs to be done. Regardless, the only way in which you will really know that there is two versions of the slot is when it comes to the main feature, and this will not be triggering all that often.

Bonus Rounds & In-Game Features

As mentioned previously, there are two different slot machines here. You have Fruit Mode and Candy Mode. You can switch between them at will. The ‘base’ features of the game will remain the same, however:

Goodie Bag: this can be randomly triggered after you get a non-winning spin. You will be given a substantial cash prize. Now, we had a few spins on the slot machine, and we must say that this feature occurred more often than we thought it would. It is not often enough to allow you to break even, but often enough to ensure that you do not make a massive loss on a winning streak.

Sugar Rush: This is another feature that can occur after a non-winning spin. Every high-value symbol on the reels will award you with a random cash prize. If you get a single scatter, then Free Spins will be activated.
The mode will dictate which free spins you play. Normally, you will require three or more scatters:

Fruit mode: stash feature will be activated. Low symbols will be taken off the reels which will give you a higher cash bonus. Free spins will continue until there are no low symbols left. Remember; no low symbols mean more high symbol combinations.

Candy: sweet reels. Reels can become ‘sweet’ which turns them into stacked wilds. Free spins will continue until all of the reels become sweet.

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Fruit vs Candy Mobile Slot Machine

As with other Microgaming slots, the Fruit vs Candy mobile slot is fantastic. The bright colours of the game translate well to the smaller screen. We feel as though this is a slot machine that is really going to pull in people who have probably not headed to an online casino before. For that reason, this game is really going to be doing its job. We 100% recommend the mobile version, and that is something that we very rarely do!

Summary – What Do We Think?

The Fruit vs Candy slot is, quite honestly, one of the better slots we have played in recent years. We do love the theming that Lost Vegas Slot boasts ever so slightly more, but since Fruit vs Candy offers the same gameplay, we can’t really complain about it too much. As a result, we have no hesitation in recommending this game to everybody that wants to play a fantastic slot!