hellboy slot by microgaming

Hellboy Slot Review

The Hellboy movie was terrible. The Hellboy comic is amazing. This game is based on the comic. It is just as brilliant too. This is one of our favourite ‘branded’ slot machines in recent years.

How to Play Hellboy Slot Machine

Microgaming are the brains behind the Hellboy slot machine. It is based upon the famous comic from Dark Hose. There are 5 reels and 20 paylines on this slot machine. The minimum bet is 20p and the maximum bet is £50 per spin. This makes it one of the cheaper ‘upper end’ slot machines that you can find.

The best part is that the maximum you can win on this machine is a cool £25,000. Not too shabby.

As mentioned previously, this game is based on the comic. Dark Horse comics have a very specific art style, and that has been replicated incredibly well in the Hellboy slot machine.

It looks just like a comic, if we are going to be perfectly honest. This means that it will look great on just about every screen that you view it on, particularly mobile devices. We will discuss that in a bit more depth shortly, however.

Those who have played a Microgaming slot machine before will know that these machines tend to be designed ‘for the masses’. This means that they are not unnecessarily complicated to understand. This means that this is going to be perfect for somebody’s first slot machine. As long as you know how to set how much you want to bet per line, you should know what is going on. You will also need to change the number of win lines you wish to play.

Conveniently, there are numbers alongside the machine which show you exactly which lines you are betting on. This is a rather nifty feature and we actually wish more slot machines would incorporate it. We tend to know what lines we are betting on, but it may make things a bit easier for those ‘new’ to the whole thing.

Bonus Rounds & In Game Features

There are a few different features to be found in the Hellboy slot machine:

Scatters: Scatters trigger the ‘Underworld Bonus’ game. Here, you will be basically choosing doors. There are five doors and four levels to get though. You can wish cash prizes here. You continue advancing through the doors until you get a BLOCKED door. If you get through all of the doors, you will enter a final chamber where you get a final bonus amount.

Super Mode: this is randomly activated. Three wild symbols will appear on the reels and you will be given free spins. You can earn up to ten free spins. You will be able to activate further free spins when you are playing this game.

Gamble feature: this is a feature that we love. You can take advantage of this on every spin. If you come close to winning, but don’t, then you will be able to use the Gamble feature. This will allow you to pay to respin a single reel in the hopes of winning. The higher your chance of winning, the more you will need to pay.

Hellboy Mobile Slot Machine

As with other Microgaming slot machines, there is also a Hellboy mobile slot machine available. This is a game that we really love. Now, the problem with most mobile slot machines out there is the fact that the ‘realistic’ graphics are a bit too intricate for them to look decent on mobile devices. That is not the case here.

You see, the graphics are ‘comic book’ style. This means that even at smaller sizes, they really pop out. They were designed to look small. This is one of the most colourful slot machines that we have seen in recent years. It is not just a case of the slot looking good, either. You see, it also plays well. For this, we really do have to give Microgaming an A for effort!

Summary – What Do We Think?

If you are after a slot machine which is genuinely fun to play, then give the Hellboy slot machine a spin. It is a ton of fun. There are enough features here to keep you engrossed in the game, and the gamble feature really helps to add a whole new edge to things.

You can play the Hellboy slot machine on any website which offers Microgaming slots. We know they should not be tricky to find, but if you are struggling, then you will find plenty of suggestions here at AllGamblingSites.com, including our top recommendations where you can play Hellboy Slot below!