highlander slot review

Highlander Slot Review

Highlander is one of the ‘latest slots’ to pop up based upon a popular movie. Only this time, instead of coming from NetEnt, it comes from Microgaming. It is a real hoot too. 

Highlander Slot Overview

How to Play Highlander Slot

The Highlander slot has 5 reels and 243 ways in which you can win. The minimum bet per spin is 40p. The maximum bet is £30. I am going to make one thing clear right off the bat; I have never seen the Highlander movie. I am probably never going to see the Highlander movie if I am being honest. This means that I am judging the slot based upon it actually being a slot rather than as an extension of a movie brand. Just remember that.

In terms of visuals, the game is gorgeous. I am going to assume that the game is very close to the aesthetics that the movie boasts although, as I said, I could not possibly comment on that at the moment.

All I know is that the game is visually appealing. It is evident that the designers at Microgaming spent a lot of time ensuring that the graphics are superb. This is probably one of the better slots that Microgaming has pumped out as of late, and that is really saying something because they do pump out brilliant slots a lot of the time.

The game is simple to play. There are a few different features in the game, but none of them are really going to confuse you, so that is cool. Obviously, themed slots like this have been designed to pull in new players, so it could not be confusing anyway. As I have proven, you are probably going to enjoy this even if you are a not a fan of the movie, so experienced players may even find something here too.

Bonus Rounds & In Game Features

You have several different features in the Highlander slot machine. Obviously, you have your wild which acts as a substitute for any symbol in the game, but you also have interesting features on top of that which keep you engrossed in this slot.

If you get 2 scatters, they transform into wild symbols. This greatly increases your chance of winning although, to be honest, while 2 scatters appeared a lot for me on this slot, I never really was able to win anything substantial from them. There were a couple of smaller wins on occasion, but that was about it.

If you get three scatters, then you trigger your free spins. You get 10 of them. Throughout the free spins, there will be a feature known as ‘Quickening Wilds’. When this occurs, a lightening strike will hit the reels and wherever it hits, there will be more wilds appearing there. These can really start to add up too. The only real problem with this slot is that you do not have the ability to trigger more free spins, which kind of sucks. However, ten free spins is enough, and the wilds almost always give you something extra so I guess I can’t complain too much about that.

high lander slot reels

Highlander Mobile Slot Machine

Microgaming make some rather snazzy mobile slots, so it probably comes as no surprise that Highlander is up there with the best of them. In fact, just like many of the mobile slots that pop up nowadays, the Highlander mobile slot is fantastic. It is well-designed and really packs a punch on the visual front. I was certainly not disappointed with it, neither was any of the team here at All Gambling Sites.

Summary – What do We Think?

Highlander is brilliant, even if you have never seen the movie (or a fan of it). The game looks good and the free spins, plus the cool little wild feature that this mode boasts, is more than enough to keep you hooked.

While there are some areas where we would improve the game, they are minor qualms so we are not going to rate the slot negatively because of that.

Thankfully, finding the Highlander slot machine won’t take too long. Just about every popular website offers Microgaming slots. Where you may struggle, however, is finding an online site which is decent to play at. Thankfully, the team here at All Gambling Sites have put in the hard work for you. Below, you will find a list of some of the best Microgaming casinos to get started with!