aliens slot review

Aliens Slot Review (Netent)

Aliens slot is a branded video slot from NetEnt. Based on the 1986 film directed by James Cameron. Netent have worked in collaboration with 20th Century Fox to bring you a dramatic and thrilling online slot machine, which is extremely reminiscent of the film franchise!

Aliens Slot Overview

How to Play Netent’s Aliens Slot

We have to give Netent some credit here. They've managed to capture what the film evokes, and squeeze it all into an online slot machine. Aliens Slot features all-new 3D graphics, a sound track full of suspense, and many in game features, including 3 game levels, collectible multipliers, wild substitutions and re-spins.

Aliens Slot is designed with 5-reels, 3-rows and 15 pay lines and promises you a tense time on the reels as you scan infested premises for Alien activity. The aim of the game is to shoot through the waves of Alien attacks to reach the goal: The Queen Hive.

Simply load the game and watch the introduction sequence to really set the scene. You can get started by setting to slot to your preferred betting limits: Aliens Slot can be played from as little as 15p up to a total of £150 and is available on all Netent mobile (Aliens Touch) and desktop casinos.

Bonus Rounds & In Game Features

Aliens Slot is more like a quest than a traditional casino slot thanks to the in game features it offers. However, when you break it down, it’s not a complicated slot at all, although it might sound like it according to the review. When you get playing, it’s rather simple and very fun.

With the soundtrack and graphics aside, it’s a slot machine which really offers you free spins and wilds – just remember that as it's full of suspense.

Fans of the Aliens Movie franchise are going to love this game, and those who haven’t seen it will want to watch it.

Wild Symbols: The same as the film, the “Weyland Yutani Corp” logo is the wild symbol.The Wilds will help you bag those free spins and multipliers to help you in the next levels.

In Aliens Slot, there are a total of 3 different goals to complete. The further you get along the levels, the better rewards you will win for yourself:

The work you did in the previous levels is what counts here. The more multipliers you collected in level 2, the better your chances of winning something huge are (if you manage to kill the Queen Alien that is)

You'll get an extra bonus of x240 your bet for destroying the Queen Alien plus all of the other prizes you collected along the way, so it can result in a huge pay off at this stage.

Aliens Mobile Slot

Aliens Mobile Slot is fully functional on all mobile and tablet devices. You’ll be able to play Aliens Mobile Slot at most Netent casinos and comes highly recommended if you’re in the mood to play thrilling slots, ones full of suspense and drama – not to mention huge win possibilities.

Summary - What Do We Think?

Netent has created a masterpiece with this slot. Sure, underneath all the special effects it’s a basic slot offering free spins and wilds, but Aliens Slot guarantees to take you on a thrilling journey all the way to the top, to win a max pay out of £185,900!

Fans or not of the movies, there’s no way this slot won’t hit a nerve one way of the other, it’s fun, full of features and massive pay-outs.