dracula slot review

Dracula Slot Review (Netent)

If you love your slot machines with a bit of horror entangled into them, then you are going to love the Dracula slot machine from NetEnt. Sure, you are not going to get those jump scares or anything like that, but the theming of the game is top notch.

How to Play Dracula Slot Machine

The Dracula slot was released in April 2015. It offers 5 reels and 40 paylines. The house edge is 3.4%. This is a low to medium volatility slot machine. The minimum bet is 20p. The maximum bet is £200.

The theming of this game is top notch. The game is based around the version of Dracula created by Universal Studios a few years ago. This is, essentially, regarded as the ‘standard’ for what Dracula looks like nowadays.

The images in the game are so incredibly detailed, and they really fit into the whole Dracula theme. Couple this with some eerie music which blares when you have a couple of spins on Dracula, and you are going to be enjoying one of the more thematic slot machines that you have played in recent years.

As this is a NetEnt slot machine, you should not expect anything that is too grand when it comes to complexity. This is not the style of the company. Instead, they tend to favour the creation of games which are simple, yet incredibly enjoyable. There are a few features to sink your teeth into (get it, because it is Dracula?), and that is great. In our opinion, Dracula slot machine is a game which carefully balances fun and ease of access. From the moment you choose how much you want to bet on this game, you are in for quite a ride, and an enjoyable one at that.

Bonus Rounds & In Game Features

Dracula Wilds: As with most slot machines, the feature that will be cropping up the most here will be your wild. This is the W symbol. It substitutes for all over symbols on the reels.

Bat Feature: On every spin, there is the potential to trigger the ‘bat feature’. When this triggers, you will notice some bats flying across the screen. When they do, they have the potential to turn symbols into symbol clusters i.e. all of the same symbol. The best part is that this feature could potentially give you a nice cluster of wilds. This means that you are going to be able to net yourself some big wins!

Dracula Free Spins: There is a free spins mode in this slot machine, but it triggers a little different to other slots. You are not going to need to get scatters. Instead, you are going to be wanting to get the Dracula stacked symbol on the 2nd reel and the lady stacked symbol on the 3rd reel. We presume they fall in love. At that point, you get 10 free spins on the reels. Of course, you will be able to make use of the bat feature throughout your free spins. In fact, it pops up on every single spin!

Dracula Mobile Slot Machine

Despite Dracula being one of the older slots from NetEnt, it is one of the best that we have played when it comes to mobile games. This should not really come as a surprise, really. This is a company which has always worked hard to ensure that the games that they produce are fantastic on mobile devices.

When you boot up the slot on a desktop computer, you will notice that there is a lot of details in the graphics. However, these manage to shrink down incredibly well for a mobile game. Sure, some of the detail is going to be lost, but not so much that the game is going to become unenjoyable!

Summary – What Do We Think?

If you are looking for a well-themed game which is packed to the brim with features, then you need to stick the Dracula slot at the top of your list. In the world of slots, it may be somewhat of an oldie, but it is still very much a goodie.