ghost pirates slot review netent

Ghost Pirates Slot Review

Enjoy ghosts? Enjoy pirates? Hate them but still love winning cash? If any of those terms apply to you, then you are going to have a proper hoot when it comes to the Ghost Pirates slot machine from NetEnt. This is one of the best slot machines we have played in years.

Ghost Pirates Slot Overview

How to Play Ghost Pirates Slot

On the Ghost Pirates slot, there are 5 reels. Across them, there is up to 243 ways to win. While you can bet 3, 9, 27, 81, or 243 win lines, we always recommend that you opt for the highest one, no matter what slot machine you are playing. This will give you the best possible chance to win! The minimum bet at the highest win line level is 25p. The maximum bet is £62.50 per spin.

In terms of theme, we must say that the Ghost Pirates slot is very well done. Like, amazingly well done. The graphics are top notch. Think of something along the lines of Pirates of the Caribbean, albeit with less of a Disney-touch, and of something a bit scarier. This is a game that you are truly going to love looking at. Couple this with some eerie music and you have a game which is a pleasure to play.

Playing this game, as with other NetEnt slot machines, is actually fairly simple. You set the amount that you want to bet on the game, select the number of potential win lines (remember, we said 243, as in all of them, is the route to go) and you should be fine. After that, hit the spin button and you are going to be fine. You should start to see those wins roll in pretty sharpish after that!

Bonus Rounds & In Game Features

At this point, it is probably worth noting that only two features can be found in the Ghost Pirates slot machine, one of them isn’t really a ‘proper’ feature, but it is one that is worth pointing out. This is the Wild.

As you may know, in slot machines, the Wild is usually used as a replacement for other symbols in the game. In this one, it does the same. However, unlike other slot machines, it can also act as a replacement for the Scatter Symbol. In this case, it is the treasure chest.

The scatter symbol is going to be very important as it can also trigger the Free Spins mode, which is the actual feature which can be found in this game. Anybody who regularly reads our reviews here at will know that we absolutely love free spins, and the Ghost Pirates slot machine is a slot machine which really does it well.

During your free spins, all of your wins will be multiplied by three. The number of scatters you get will have an impact on the number of free spins you get. The minimum is 15 free spins, and that is for three scatters. The maximum is 25, and that is for 5 treasure chests.

Ghost Pirates Mobile Slot

When it comes to mobile slot machines, NetEnt have always known how to do it right. The Ghost Pirates mobile slot machine is evidence of this. This game is huge amounts of fun.

One of the things that we really love about the Ghost Pirates mobile slot machine is the fact that the gameplay is just so smooth. We know that some of the slot machines out there slow down on mobile devices, but not this one. It both looks and functions great.

Summary – What Do We Think?

When you are playing the Ghost Pirates slot, you must realise that this is a high variance slot machine. This means that you probably will not be enjoying the largest wins all that frequently. This is a game which really takes time to hit the highest figures.

However, the smaller wins are going to come in quite often. This really helps to add to the enjoyment of the game. When you play it, you are going to have a massive smile on your face.

Quite honestly, when it comes to the theme of the game, this is going to put a smile on your face too. This game is very much recommended!