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Mega Fortune Dreams Slot Review

Mega Fortune Dreams Slot offers you the chance to win a multi-million jackpot whilst playing some glitzy reels with some fun extra in-play features. Mega Fortune Dreams is the most popular progressive jackpot online!

Mega Fortune Dreams Slot is the improved version of the original Netent progressive jackpot Mega Fortune and features a warmer and modern design, still glitzy and oh-so-glamorous though. Both of the Mega Fortune Slots are the most popular progressive slots online and can offer you a life-changing, overnight multi-million win!

Mega Fortune Dreams Slot Overview

How to play Mega Fortune Dreams Slot

Mega Fortune Dreams is a Netent Progressive Jackpot slot is designed with 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 fixed pay lines. The theme for Mega Fortune Dreams is set in, what appears to be in a tropical paradise, and the backdrop, which you can see behind the reels, is set on a luxury yacht.

The icons on the reels show off some luxury items, so expect to see expensive watches, champagne bottles, diamonds and some glitzy, diamond-encrusted playing card icons: Q, K, J and A on the reels.

The soundtrack has been given a bit of a modernisation compared the original, although we have to say that in the original version the soundtrack was a bit cheesy, but was also part of the charm, however, Mega Fortune Dreams soundtrack is rather chilling and hard to dislike. It’s fitting with the design and that’s what matters.

Notice at the top of the slot that you can see what amounts the 3 main progressive jackpots are standing at. This is what you’re aiming for.

To get started, simply set the slot up to the settings you prefer and are comfortable playing with. You can set up Mega Fortune Dreams Jackpot Slot with bet levels between 1 and 4 and 20 bet lines. There are also 7 different coin values you can select from £0.01 up to £1.00.

The bet level means the total number of coins you bet on each bet line. The slots coin value is the amount of money one coin is worth. The coin values you can choose from in Mega Fortune Dreams are as follows: £0.01, £0.02, £0.05, £0.10, £0.20, £0.50 and £1.00. To work out how much you're betting on per spins, just follow our simple guide to work it out below.

When you multiply the bet level with the bet lines and also the coin value, you can work out the minimum and maximum bets per spin when playing Mega Fortune Dreams. As an example: Minimum bet with level 1 x 20 bet lines x coin value £0.01 = £0.20 whereas Maximum bet with level 4 x 20 bet lines x coin value £1.00 = £80. Once you're set up and ready, simply press the large spin button in the middle and aim for one of the 3 progressive jackpots waiting to be won.

Mega Fortune Dreams Slot Bonus Rounds & In-Game Features

Mega Fortune Dreams Slot offers many extra features and bonus rounds to keep you entertained whilst playing, including Substituting Wilds, Re-Spins, Scatters which activate the Free Spins mode, Multipliers and the one you will want to see time and time again: The Bonus Game with 3 progressive jackpots up for the taking!

Mega Fortune Dreams Wild symbols: These are depicted by the Palm Tree icons (see above) and they will substitute for any other symbol (except for the Scatter symbols and the Bonus Game symbols) to create the highest win line possible. The Wild symbols will appear on any reel both during the main base game and also during the Free Spins and Re-spins games. Also, what’s a really nice touch is that the winnings which were won with one or more Wild symbols will be multiplied by an x10 multiplier too!

Mega Fortune Dreams Re-spins: When you land 3 or more Wild symbols appearing during the main game, then you’ll be given 1 re-spin. During the re-spin, the substituting Wilds will remain in their positions. The Re-spins can activate the Free Spin game plus the Bonus Game too, so the re-spins are a very lucrative feature you’ll want to get.

Scatters and Free Spins: When you land 3 or more of the Scatter symbols, which are shown as the spinning diamond icons (and say Scatter on them) the Free Spins game is then activated. When you get 3 Scatters anywhere on the reels, 10 Free Spins are given, get 4 Scatter symbols and you will be given 15 Free Spins, if you get 5 Scatter symbols you’ll then get given an extra 20 Free Spins for more winning chances! Any wins won during the free spins mode are then multiplied by an x3 multiplier.

The Mega Fortune Dreams Bonus Game: This is what you’ll need to pop up, to get a chance at winning one of the progressive jackpots! You’ll need to get 3 or more of the ‘Bonus Game’ icons which have a wheel depicted on the icons, appearing on an active bet line. Get this and the Bonus Game will be activated. Here is where an extra wheel will pop up, in front of the regular slot reels

The Mega Fortune Dreams Bonus Game will be spinning and is built out of 3 separate rings, each offering a different, progressive jackpot. You’ll notice on the reels of the Bonus Game wheel, that there’s fixed amount of coins that can be won if you happen to land on those, or the name of one of the 3 progressive jackpots, which are labels in 3 separate concentric reels: the Rapid Jackpot, the Major Jackpot or the Mega Jackpot.

It’s your task to stop the wheel from spinning so that the and pointer will stop on a prize amount to determine what you won, but what you really want at this stage is for the pointer to stop at an arrow to allow you to ‘move’ to the next reel, which means greater chances at winning one of the progressive jackpots. If not, you can still win a static prize amount depicted on the reels.

The farther you go the better, as the prizes increase and so does the jackpot amount. Make is as far as the middle ‘bulls eye’ point and you’ll win the Mega Fortune Dreams Mega Jackpot! The Major and Mega Jackpots have average pay-outs of between €75,000 and 3,750.000 but they can climb much higher as well.

If this is your first time trying out Mega Fortune Dreams, it's always a good idea to give it a try. You can find a free version over at Mega Fortune Dreams Mobile Slot over at Netent.

Mega Fortune Dreams Mobile Slot

Mega Fortune Dreams Jackpot Slot is available to play on all mobile and tablet devices. It's part of Netent’s Touch™ range, which are specially adapted slot by NetEnt to response and work well on smaller, touch screen devices. You can play Mega Fortune Dreams Slot with the freedom of being anywhere, so long as you have internet of course which is practically everywhere these days. When we tried Mega Fortune Dreams slot on our iPad, the resolution and graphics looks fantastic, it was easy to spin and the design makes it so, and overall we’d recommend this slot for mobile use.

Summary - What Do We Think?

We are fans of the original Mega Fortune Jackpot Slot, but Mega Fortune Dreams does give you a more modern game and entertainment. The graphics are crisper, the soundtrack is chilled out and you can still bag a multi-million jackpot as well! It’s nice to play both once in a while, especially when they are at bursting point with mega millions up for grabs but Mega Fortune Dreams does give you that feel for some glamour and tropical paradise, which could be yours if you manage to land one of the progressives it offers!