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Neon Staxx Slot Review

Remember that Aqua song; Back to the Eighties? No? Shame. It was a real classic. However, not to worry. The Neon Staxx slot machine is going to take you back to the 80s instead. Thankfully, it is going to do it in a far classier way!

How to Play Neon Staxx Slot

The Neon Staxx slot machine was released by NetEnt in June 2015. It is a 5 reel, 40 payline slot machine. The minimum bet is 20p. The maximum bet is £100. This is a medium volatility slot machine. The house edge is 3.01%, which is a little lower than the edge NetEnt normally puts in their machines.

The design of Neon Staxx is ‘gnarly’ (that is the only 80s word we will throw in, we promise). Normally when you get a slot machine with a retro vibe, it looks like a game that could be found on the Amiga. Basically, it looks terrible. Not this one.

The design of this game is so slick. It is like, somebody has taken the 80s and made it relevant to modern design standards. It is tough to describe, so we really suggest that you look at a few screenshots of the game, or even check out the video that we have on this page. This should give you an idea of just how gorgeous this game looks.

On a feature level, there is a lot going on in the Neon Staxx slot. However, there is not so much that you are going to be overwhelmed with the features. Honestly, this is the hallmark of a good game.

A game which does not go overboard with everything. There are free spins and there are wilds, with a few changes here and there. Enough to keep things interesting, but not so much that you will be reaching for another slot machine to play.

Bonus Rounds & In Game Features

Neon Staxx Wilds: The Wild Symbol is the symbol that will crop up the most in the Neon Staxx slot machine. It, as with all other slot machines, will be used as a replacement for every other symbol in the game.

Super Staxx Feature: The Super Staxx feature is great. In this game, every symbol has the ability to be stacked. Well, not the scatter, but every other symbol. This means that you may enjoy some wins if one of these appears.

Neon Staxx Scatters: If you get at least three scatters, you will enter the free spins mode. The number of free spins you get will be dictated by the number of scatters you have. 3 scatters will give 10 free spins. 4 will give 15 free spins. 5 scatters will give 20 free spins. At the start of this game mode, the game will choose a high-paying symbol to be stacked. This could lead to big wins!

Neon Staxx Slot Rtp % & Variance Stats

One of the things you should look for when deciding whether to play a slot that you haven't tried before is the games Rtp % and variance bracket. Believe us when we say that there's a big difference between slots and depending on your playing levels, could make or break your bank roll. Neon Staxx is one of those slots which should come with a little saying "medium to high variance" because that's exactly what this slot is. Neon Staxx also has an Rtp (return to player ration) of 96.9%. This all besically means that when the wins come in - they come in BIG; but bear in mind that they might take a while to come in - so you better be prepared!

Neon Staxx Mobile Slot Machine

As you may have imaged, the Neon Staxx slot shrinks down well to become a great looking mobile slot. We can’t help but feel that the game is given a nice boost here because the graphics are simplistic. If you boot this up on your smartphone or tablet, then you can be in awe at just how great the graphics look.

The gameplay is smooth too. Anybody who regularly reads the reviews that we put here on All Gambling Sites, you may notice that we not always the biggest fans of mobile slot machines. We prefer to sit in a nice comfortable chair. However, this is a game that we would love to play in bed. In fact, we do. We do it regularly.

Summary – What Do We Think?

Neon Staxx is a great slot machine. We love the theme. We love the gameplay. We love the features. Our big concern is that you never really get the big wins.

Granted, the small wins do come in nice and quickly, but you will eventually long for the larger wins. However, we do feel that this game is going to be a good introduction to the world of slots. So, if you are a new slot machine player, check it out. Experienced players may also want to give this one a spin if they fancy playing something on a lower budget, but still wants the wins to stack up, just not too high!