reel rush slot review

Reel Rush Slot Review

The minute you boot it up, the Reel Rush slot machine was created specifically for the mobile crowd. However, don’t worry, this game has a lot more depth than many of the other mobile games that you will find on the market!

Reel Rush Slot Overview

How to Play Reel Rush Slot

The Reel Rush slot has 5 reels. Across those 5 reels are 3,125 ways to win. So, a lot of ways. The house edge is 3% on this medium volatility slot machine. The minimum bet is 50p. The maximum bet per spin £100.

We are massive fans of the Mario Bros. series of games. Therefore, the second that we booted the game up, we could not help but be reminded by that series of games. The art style is almost the same. Honestly, the whole game is like something pulled out of the 80s and 90s. Not just in art style, but the music and sound effects in the game too. This is one of the main reasons as to why we love the

Reel Rush slot machine so much. It gets us all nostalgic. The whole look of the game is drastically simple, but it just looks so good that we can’t really complain about it.

Since this is a NetEnt slot, it is not going to be all that difficult to understand. As you may well know, NetEnt goes to great lengths to ensure that their games are accessible. There are a few features in the game, which we are going to detail in the next section, but none of them are going to be so complicated that you have no idea what is going on!

Bonus Rounds & In Game Features

Reel Rush Wilds: In this game, the Wild is just like the wild in other slot machines. This is because it can be used to replace any other symbol in the game. It can appear on all reels except the first. However, the wild becomes more useful as you play the game. The more reels you open up, the more beneficial the wild gets. We will talk about that in a short while, though.

Payline Unlock Feature: There are 45 paylines in the game at the start. However, each time you win, you will unlock more win lines. Each time you win, you will be given a free respin. If you win five times in a row, you will unlock the full board and the free spins mode:

3125 Ways to Win: Once you get 5 wins, you will be given 8 free spins. The whole board will now be open up and there are 3,125 ways in which you can win.

Reel Rush Mobile Slot Machine

As we mentioned at the start, it seems like the Reel Rush slot was created for the mobile crowd. It is a simple game to understand with simple graphics (still fun, though, do not get us wrong here!).

As with other NetEnt games, you can expect it to look gorgeous on any mobile device that you boot it up on. We tried it on several them, and it looks great on every device, even the older ones.

Basically, if you are going to be playing on mobile devices a lot, then this is probably a game that you will want to play. It is far too fun to pass up.

Summary – What Do We Think?

The main problem that we have with the Reel Rush slot is that it is drastically difficult to unlock the free spins mode. Winning 5 times in a row is a tough feat. Sure, you get more paylines the more you win, but it still is very ‘luck based’. That being said, the Reel

Rush slot machine throws wins at you often enough for it not to be a real issue. If you want to play the Reel Rush slot machine, then you will be able to head to any NetEnt website.

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It should not be too tricky to find one if you go by this list! It also means that you can spend more time playing and less time searching for an online casino to play at.