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Simsalabim Slot Review

NetEnt very rarely disappoint when it comes to their slot machine offerings. The magic-themed Simsalabim is no exception to this rule. In fact, this is one of favourite slot machines this year!

How to Play Simsalabim Slot

This is a 25-line slot machine. The minimum bet is 25p. The maximum bet is £250. While it is unlikely that you are going to be betting at the maximum amount too often, if ever, the good range of bets means that you are likely to find a position that you are ‘comfortable’ betting at with great regularity.

Simsalabim is one of the ‘lesser-known’ magic phrases spoken by magicians. That doesn’t matter too much, but still. Anyway, the whole of this game is built around that phrase. This means that you will be enjoying magic galore! It reminds us in someways of Netent's other poular Fantasini Master of Mystery Slot. Popular tricks such as birds materialising from nowhere, card tricks, rabbits being pulled from hats, and sealed chests, make up the symbols that you will find in this game.

Honestly, this game does look fantastic from a thematic standpoint. It is clear that the designers at NetEnt put a lot of effort into it. While we do normally look hard to see if we can find a fault in a slot machine, it is very tough to spot any fault in the design. It is good.
The game is easy to understand too.

There are a few features that you will need to pay attention to, but nothing too drastic. The hardest decision that you will need to make when you first get into the Simsalabim slot is the amount of money you want to stake, as well as the number of paylines you wish to play on. We will leave that decision up to you, however.

Bonus Rounds & In Game Features

There are a few features that you will want to pay attention to in this slot machine. As we mentioned before, none of them are that difficult to understand:

Free Spins: if you get between three and five scatter symbols on the reels, then you will trigger the free spins mode. During this, you will have either 10, 20, or 30 free spins. It will all be dependent on the number of scatters you got. Every win during this mode will be subject to a 3x multiplier.

Rabbit Bonus Game: this happens when you get 3 or more of the bunny symbols on the reels. You will then be taken to a new ‘game’. There will be twelve rabbit hats on the screen. Your job is to select hats. Behind each hat is a ‘cash prize’ or a ‘lose’. You can keep clicking hats and racking up those cash prizes until you hit the ‘lose’ hats.

This about it on the feature level. We do wish that there were a few more features that could be found in the Simsalabim slot machine, although, we think that is finding fault for the sake of finding a fault. The fact that there are two bonus rounds should be more than enough for both us and you. There is hours of gameplay there!

simsalabim slot review

Simsalabim Mobile Slot Machine

NetEnt are brilliant when it comes to mobile slot machines. The Simsalabim slot machine is absolutely no exception to that rule. Before we opened it up on our mobile device, we felt as though it wouldn’t look all that great.

We felt that the design on the slot would be far too intricate for mobile devices. We were wrong. It is something which works exceedingly well, no matter the screen size that you are playing on. Once again, we had hard-pressed to find any sort of fault in the game!

Summary – What Do We Think?

This is a fun slot machine. We love the theme, and we love the features that the Simsalabim slot boasts. Sure, no game out there is perfect, and this one is absolutely no exception to that rule, but it is certainly more ‘perfect’ than some of the others that we have seen in recent years! We highly recommend to this game. We feel that you will have a ‘magic’ time.

You can play the Simsalabim slot at any website which offers NetEnt games. If you are struggling to find a good place to gamble, and we know that it can be difficult for some of you, then there are plenty of suggestions on this website! We have put the effort into curating this list so you can focus on what you do best; winning cash. See our top casino sites below.