Wild Water Slot Netent

Wild Water Slot Review

Ready to rule the waves? Fantastic! Then the Wild Water slot machine is right up your street. This well-designed slot machine has it all. Gorgeous graphics, fun gameplay, and prizes galore. Could you really ask for more?

Wild Water Slot Overview

How to Play Wild Water Slot

The Wild Water slot machine was released in March 2017. This is a 5 reel, 20 payline slot. It has a medium to high volatility. The minimum bet is 20p. The maximum bet is £100. The jackpot sits at £20,000, with a house edge of 3.6%.

If we had to guess, NetEnt were going for a bit of a nostalgic feel when it comes to the design of this slot machine.

Honestly, if we saw any of these people featured in this game on the beach, we would fear that we had somehow managed to time travel back to the 80s.

However, do not fret. The game is well-designed. The images look stunning and they have a nice edge to them.

The only thing that we absolutely loathe when it comes to the theming of the Wild Water slot machine is the fact that every so often somebody shouts “radical”.

Yeah. We get it. This game is radical. You do not need to keep thrusting it in our face, however. So, that eventually resulted in us turning off the music in the slot machine, but that is not an issue. We have Spotify.

In terms of gameplay, there are a few features in the Wild Water slot machine. None of them are really going to be all that ‘pressing’ when it comes to complexity, however. The biggest decision that you will need to make when you are playing Wild Water is how much you want to bet on each line.

Bonus Rounds & In Game Features

You have four features in this game. As we mentioned, nothing about Wild Water is especially complicated. However, as this slot machine shows, you do not really need anything to be complicated. You just need it to be fun to play, and the slot certainly delivers on that front.

Wild Water Wilds: Your wild symbol is a shark. As with every single wild symbol in the game, it replaces the other symbols. Since the other symbols are people, we like to think that the shark has eaten them, but their symbol power still remains. Sometimes when a slot machine does not have a story, you must give it your own one.

Stacked Symbols: All of the characters in the game appear as stacked symbols. There are five of them. They are three symbols high. It is not amazingly high, but it is enough to score you some wins every now and then across all the paylines.

If you are lucky enough to get five characters on the reels at once, and they can be the same, then you will get 20x your bet HOWEVER if you get each of the five characters, fully stacked, across all of the reels at once, you will get back 200x your initial bet. You bet £100, you will be enjoying a rather ‘radical’ £20,000.

Wild Water Free Spins: Free Spins occur when you get 3 or more scatters on the reels at once. You will start with about 15, well, this is the more likely figure based on the experience we have had playing Wild Water.

However, you can trigger up to 60 free spins. This is a lot of free spins. Unfortunately, there is no multiplier in place for these free spins. The wild symbols are awesome during this game mode, however. This is because they can expand to cover the whole reel, not just the three symbols they covered during the standard game mode. Awesome!

Wild Water Mobile Slot Machine

This is a recent NetEnt slot machine. If you were betting on playing something that is completely abysmal, then you were wrong. It would have been the worst bet you have ever made. NetEnt know how to make a mobile slot machine.

They have shown this repeatedly. So, it makes sense that the Wild Water slot machine is nothing short of ‘radical’.

Summary – What Do We Think?

This is a fun slot machine to play. It is not our most favourite slot machine. There are some games that can’t beat it. However, for what it is, the game is great to play.

There are enough features here to keep even the most experienced slot machine player having fun. Couple this with a good theme (bar the soundtrack), and you have a great game.

You can play Wild Water Slot at most online casino sites which offer games and slots from Netent.