Gold Lab Slot Review

Did you ever watch Dexter’s Laboratory on Cartoon Network? If so, the Gold Lab Slot from QuickSpin will conjure up feelings of that. Expect cool cartoon graphics, fantastic gameplay, and big wins.

Gold Lab Slot Overview

How to Play Gold Lab Slot Machine

The Gold Lab slot machine has been created by QuickSpin. It boasts 5 reels and 25 paylines. The minimum bet is 10p per spin and the maximum bet is £100 per spin.

The theme is quirky. You are playing ‘in the lab’ of a cartoon scientist. The soundtrack is listenable, but it is not something that is going to hit the charts any time soon. That being said, unlike other slot machines, we never felt the urge to turn the sound off, even after dozens upon dozens of spins. This means it couldn’t have been all that bad!

There are just ten symbols in this game; a wild, 4 coloured beakers and 5 gemstones (the beakers and the gemstones have different colours). There is a little bit more going on with those beakers, but we will discuss that in a short while.

The game is simple to play. While there is a bonus feature in the game, you can expect most of your winnings to ‘roll in’ during play of the game. The maximum you can win during the base game is £800, although you will need to hit 5 wild symbols during play here, which is going to be pretty hard.

One of the things that we really liked about the Gold Lab slot machine is the fact that you do not have to set the amount of win lines you want to play. This is fixed at 25. While experienced slot machine players may not be too thrilled at this, newcomers will be. It is just one less thing to think about. It is also a great introduction to the fact that most slot machines have more than a single win line nowadays because, after all, most newcomers to slot machines will only have ever played fruit machines at their local pub or arcade. These machines tend not to have a whole lot going on in terms of functionality.

Once you hop into the game, set your total bet (10p to £100) and hit the spin button. It really is simple!

Bonus Rounds & In Game Features

When you play the Gold Lab slot, there are three main ‘features’ that you will want to be aware of. One of these will be fairly familiar to you if you are a lover of slot machines:

Wilds: your wild symbol is simple to understand. It can replace any symbol in a winning combination. It doesn’t appear all that much in the base game, sadly. However, once you dive into the bonus round, you will quickly realise that the Wild symbol is your best friend.

Beaker symbols: as mentioned previously, there is some extra stuff going on with the beaker symbols. When you play this slot, you will notice that there is two versions of every beaker. You have a normal one and one surrounded by a red border. This is your scatter version of the beaker. They function in the same manner unless you trigger the bonus round.

Golden Bonus: if you get three scatter symbols on the reels (they can only appear on reels 1, 3 and 5) the Golden Bonus round will be triggered. All of the relevant scatter symbols will turn into wilds. Right away you will be able to net yourself 4 respins. However, you will be able to trigger more respins as you play, providing you continue to get more scatter symbols.

Gold Lab Mobile Slot

In addition to the desktop version of the game, there is a Gold Lab mobile slot also available. You can play this on both smartphones and tablet devices. While we didn’t have a chance to check out the Gold Lab slot machine on dozens upon dozens of mobile computers, we did try it out on a good spread of both old and new from a variety of different manufacturers.

The game played fantastically well on all of them. We, therefore, have no reason to believe that you will have any sort of issue when you play this game in the ‘palm of your hand’.

Summary – What Do We Think?

The Gold Lab slot machine is a fairly simple machine to understand, at least in the grand scheme of things. There is not a whole lot going on. However, the unique ‘Golden Bonus’ feature does provide a nice introduction to newcomers to the slot machine game. It is a simple feature, but it does show off a little bit about how many more ways there are to win on an online slot.