Babushkas Slot Machine Review

Thunderkick may not be the largest slot machine company in the industry, but they know how to stand out. Often dubbed as the ‘King of Unique Games’, Thunderkick has done it again with the launch of their latest slot, Babushkas.

How to Play Babushkas Slot Machine

There are 5 reels and 17 paylines on the Babushkas slot machine. The maximum bet you can place on this slot is £100 and the minimum is 10p.

Thunderkick make unique games (just look at Esqueleto Explosivo Slot, for example!) In fact, when we are looking to take a break from ‘traditional’ slot machines, it is normally Thunderkick games that we pick up. The Babushkas slot machine, despite being one of their newest, is one of our favourites.

The theme is all about Babushka dolls (i.e. the dolls that fit inside one another). The symbols on the reels are different sizes to fit in with the theme. As you will discover shortly, these symbols can change size should you trigger certain features.

The theme of the game may be basic, but it does work quite well. We certainly enjoyed looking at it, and once again, the team at Thunderkick managed to design a slot machine with a great soundtrack.

The game, for the most part, should be easy to play. You just set the amount that you wish to bet and hit that spin button. There are a few features built into the game which may be a touch confusing to understand at the start, but you will get used to them!

Bonus Rounds & In-Game Features

Symbol upgrade: you will encounter this feature the most. This occurs when you get a winning combination. The symbols around the winning combination may be ‘upgraded’ to the next symbol up in the pay scale. Quite often, the machine will chain upgrades here which can lead to some large wins. In very rare cases, the game may chain the upgrades to the point where every babushka doll disappears from the screen. If that happens, you receive 100x your initial stake!

In addition to this feature, there are three features which are triggered randomly. These are known as the ‘Wild Mystery’ features. From time to time, an egg will appear in the middle of the screen. A bear will hatch from this egg. The colour of the bear will dictate the ‘bonus feature’ that you will receive. It can be any one of these three. Again, we must reiterate that this is determined randomly:

Babushkas Mobile Slot Machine

The Babushkas slot machine, as with other slot machines developed by Thunderkick, was programmed using HTML5. This means that it works on mobile devices natively. HTML5 consumes very little in the way of system resources too. This means that the game will work smoothly on most tablets and smartphones.

Summary – What Do We Think?

For some people, the number of features in the Babushkas slot machine can be a little bit overwhelming. We must admit, we were a little bit confused about the functionality in the game when we first started playing. This is, mainly, down to the fact that Thunderkick are notorious for not including quality instructions with their machines. After a couple of spins, everything will just fall into place for you. None of the features require any interaction on your part anyway. You just watch the machine spin and collect your winnings.

If you are after a fun slot machine, then give this one a go. If you are after a slot machine which is enjoyed by both experienced and new players, then give this one a go. If you want a slot machine which does away with the traditional reel system, then give this one a go. Basically, the Babushkas slot machine is suitable for just about everybody.