Nirvana Slot Review (Yggdrasil)

Nope. This game is not about the 90s-grunge metal band. Instead, it is a nice, chilled out slot which errs on the side of weird from time to time. You don’t see many slot machines from Yggdrasil around, but when you do, they tend to be brilliant, as this one demonstrates.

How to Play Nirvana Slot

The Nirvana slot from Yggdrasil was first released in November 2015. It is a video slot that offers 5 reels across 20 pay lines. The house edge is 3.8%. This is a medium volatility slot machine. The minimum bet is 20p. The maximum bet is £100.

This game is all about peace and tranquillity. The imagery is absolutely gorgeous. This is probably the only slot machine out there to have bunny rabbits donning antlers as one of their symbols. We are sure that there is a deeper meaning behind this, but we must admit that we have not really put that much research into that area. We just review slot machines, and we can say that Nirvana looks good, particularly when you consider the fact that the team behind it are one of the smaller companies out there, so you tend to expect them to pour less cash into the development of their games.

To cap it off; the music really does fit into everything. It is nice and relaxing. We must admit, this is one of only a few slot machines where we have not had to reach for the mute button to turn it off. As you may expect, this is a slot machine that is easy to play. Honestly, all you really need to do is set the amount of cash that you wish to bet on each spin and then hit that button. Simple stuff. There are a few features in the game, but none of them is so confusing that you won’t have the foggiest about what is going on.

Bonus Rounds & In-Game Features

The feature that will crop up the most when you are playing this game is your wild. This is the green gem. It replaces all other symbols in the game, which will make it easier to form winning combinations. However, it is worth noting that it does not act as a replacement for the scatter.

If you get two scatters on the reels, you will get a single free re-spin. One of the goddesses in the game will be active on this free respin:

yggdrasil nirvana slot

Nirvana Mobile Slot

The Nirvana mobile slot machine is surprisingly good. Why surprisingly? Well, because it is very rare for a ‘smaller slot machine company to design a slot machine that is genuinely worth playing. Many of the ones that we have stumbled across tend to be rather low-quality games that stutter on many mobile devices. Not to mention the fact that the graphics do not ‘shrink down’ well to the smaller screen size, which really has an impact on how much fun it is to play. We are pleased to say that this slot machine does not succumb to that. It is a genuinely fun game to play. We promise you of that.

Summary – What Do We Think?

This is a fun game for those who want to just ‘relax’. The features in the Nirvana slot are interesting, but they are nothing too complicated. Both new and experienced players will enjoy this game!