Spina Colada Slot Review

Can’t afford to head to a nice, warm beach somewhere where you can sip on Pina Coladas to your heart’s content? Don’t worry, Yggdrasil have you covered! Play this slot instead.

How to Play Spina Colada Slot Machine

The Spina Colada slot was released in June 2017. There are 5 reels and 25 paylines on it. The minimum bet per spin is 10p. The maximum bet is £125. The house edge is 3.7%. it is a low to medium volatility slot.

One thing that Yggdrasil know how to do well is to design a slot. Open this up and you will be awe at the vivid colours on the screen. In awe at the wonderful detail that has gone into each and every image.

The game looks…stunning. In fact, it is probably one of the best-looking slots that we have played from the company. This is really saying something too since they tend to be brilliant at designing games. To us, it really helps to evoke the feeling of drinking a nice, cold cocktail on a beach somewhere.

This slot is ideal for the newer player as it is quite simple to understand. Interestingly, despite there being four bonuses, the game is a low volatility slot. This ensures that the wins come in nice and frequently. We can’t begrudge the game for that! Experienced players will love the features that Spina Colada brings to the table. Basically, this slot is for everybody.

Spina Colada Bonus Rounds & In-Game Features

The feature that is most interesting to us in Spina Colada is the Sticky Wins and Re-Spins. If you get a win using 3 symbols, they will remain stuck to the screen. You then get a free re-spin. This will continue until you do not win. It is common to get 2-3 wins at a time here. We find that this is better than the Avalanche reels that other slots offer. Much more funReel multipliers are a feature that used to be found in slots from this company but which disappeared for a while. We are glad that they are back. Basically, whenever you fill up a reel with a particular symbol, you get a multiplier. So, fill up 2 reels and you get a 2x multiplier.

Fill up to 5 and you get a 5x multiplier. This may seem like a feature that doesn’t crop up that much, but surprisingly it does. You should see it once or twice during a playing session. There are also four features that can be randomly triggered in the game. They can happen at any time:

Now, this is where stuff gets awesome. If you manage to collect all four of those features (which happens as you continue to play the game), then you will trigger the free spins mode. You get 5 free spins. The last of the random features you obtained will dictate the special feature you get during this mode. It will occur on every spin. Our favourite is the ‘guaranteed win’ one here!

Spina Colada Mobile Slot Machine

The game just as good when it is in its ‘small’ form. We know that Yggdrasil do not quite have the budget that the more dominating forces in the world of slots have, but they still can pump out a cracking slot with next-to-no effort. This is one of those rare mobile slots that you will genuinely have fun playing. We suggest that you check it out for that very reason!

Summary – What Do We Think?

We think this slot is amazing. Really amazing. It will blow your mind with the amount of fun it offers. The wins pop up frequently and, to be honest with you, that is our favourite type of slot. We suggest that you check it out today.

It is a bit tough to find casino sites that offer Yggdrasil slots, so we recommend that you have a look at our list below. All of these sites are ones we recommend, so you can feel confident that they are decent to play on!