Bally Technologies Slots & Casinos

Bally Technologies is one of the oldest names in the casino business, having existed for fifty years. However, they have gone through numerous name changes in that time. Of course, they were not always focused on the world of online casinos during this time. Most of it was spent developing games for land-based casinos, including the much-acclaimed ‘Money Honey’.

In fact, this is still how they spend most of their time. They primarily develop slot machines for Native American casinos and Riverboat casinos, with only a small smattering of what they offer finding its way into the hands of the online casinos.

History of Bally Technologies

The company was originally founded back in 1968. The guys behind it, Jack Solomon, and Alvin Snapper were patent holders for the medical and technical industries. It took about a year for the company to go public and source a lot of funding.

Back at their formation, it was never intended for the company to be a slot machine company. In fact, it had little to do with the world of online casinos. Bally Technologies was a patent-holding company and nothing more. At the time, it was known as ‘Advanced Patent Technology’.

While the company did dip into various niches during the time, perhaps one of the biggest highlights for the company, at least in the online gaming world, was the release of the Money Honey slot machine, the first electromechanically based slot machine. They quickly started to pick up some decent contracts in the world of casinos, but even then, the company did not change much from its core philosophy. 

It was not until 11 years later, in 1979, that the company decided that the gaming industry was the route for their company. No doubt due to the success that the United Coin Machine Company was having here. The businessman that they were, both Jack and Alvin decided they wanted a larger slice of the pie than they already had. 

Move a few years into the future and Bally Technologies became the name, with the company, started to focus all its attention in the gambling niche.

Today, the company is currently owned and operated by Scientific Games, an incredibly large name in the casino game niche, also owning SG, WMS, and Shuffle Master. It is this company which has enabled Bally Technologies to obtain a dominant position in the casino game market. 

Bally Slot Machines

Bally Technologies relies heavily on licensed slot machines. In fact, it is likely that you have played a few of their licensed machines, even if you did not know that the Bally brand was behind it. This includes:

  • FRIENDS (Offline only)
  • Wonder Woman Gold
  • Titanic
  • Grease Pink Ladies

The only real downside to Bally Technologies is that most of their games are only released in land-based casinos. While they do eventually move many of their biggest sellers over to the online casino platform, most of their games do not start this way. This is a company which has worked exceedingly hard on developing their mobile technology.

Therefore, even if a game does start in land-based casinos, it is always a game which is going to look fantastic and play very well. We have yet to see somebody who is genuinely disappointed in a game from Bally Technologies. 

Special Features in Bally Technologies Slot Machine

Most of the innovation for Bally happens on the floor of land-based casinos. As a result, by the time they are able to get their online casinos online, some company has already pipped them to the post in terms of innovation, many of whom will have based their ideas on something that Bally has produced in the past. However, do not let this put you off Bally Technologies games. They still provide a brilliant playing experience.

This is a company that likes to put artwork and music at the front and centre of their slot machines, just to help round out that playing experience. Take the Michael Jackson King of Pop slot machine that they produce, for example. Music is at the forefront of this game, pulling you into everything and creating a great sense of enjoyment.

Many of the games that they produce, unlike other slots, provide you with full control over the music in the game. This allows you to tailor the game to your needs. This is coupled with social media sharing functionality and leaderboards. Many of the games are even tailored based on where you are located in the world.