NextGen Slots & Casinos

NextGen is well over their 20th year of operation. In the world of online casinos, if a company has been around for this long, you can bet your bottom dollar that they are doing something right!  The company was founded in 1999. It quickly became part of the NYX Group, a company which specialises in a variety of different areas. This knowledge is shared among the company, ensuring that NextGen Gaming can innovate the slots that they produce in ways that other companies are unable to do so.

Perhaps one of the more intriguing things about NextGen Gaming, at least in comparison to other slot machine providers, is that the company does not really have any guidelines about the way in which their machines can be used by the online casinos that utilise them. The result is that special offers and bonuses tied to NextGen slot machines can differ wildly from website to website. 

NextGen Slot Machines

NextGen Gaming, much like other casino game companies, have managed to snap up licences for several top intellectual properties. Perhaps the most prominent of these is a contract with DC Comics to provide slot machines related to their superhero characters. So far, NextGen has released games around Batman Slot, Green Lantern, and Flash. Many more of them are planned.

Unlike other slot providers, NextGen goes beyond for the licensed properties that it deals with. The games are so much more than a theme slapped onto a stock game. The gameplay is designed around the theme of the IP, which makes them brilliant.

When it comes to original NextGen properties, they thrive. Many of their games, including the latest slot machine; Monster Wins, have been designed in a cartoon style which is pleasurable to the eye. In fact, when you play NextGen properties, the company has put a lot of thought into the worldbuilding of the game. Some popular NextGen Slots include:

Essentially, they have created something unique. There is always a new property being added to the NextGen range, and it is thrilling to see what is going to come next from the company that receives award after award each year.

NextGen Mobile Ready Games

Many of the older games designed by NextGen have been designed utilising Flash. However, in recent years, many of these games (and the newer ones) have moved over to using HTML5. The benefit is that most of their games are going to be ready to play on a mobile device. In fact, NextGen has gone to great lengths to ensure that as many of their games as possible can be played on mobile devices.

The fact that they are programmed in HTML5 means that they are going to look just as great on a mobile device as they would if you booted them up on your computer. 

Unique Features of NextGen Slots

In a bid to ensure that all the games that NextGen produces are well-themed, the company has gone to massive lengths to ensure that they develop features which no other company has in play. When you play games produced by NextGen, you can expect features such as: