Hotline Slot Review

Just when you thought NetEnt was done with the 80s-themed slots, Hotline Slot popped up. This is probably one of the most retro-themed slots we have played in a while too; the design is fantastic, anyone who remembers the original Miami Vice in the 1980s will love this game thanks to the design and soundtrack.

How to Play Hotline Slot

The Hotline Slot was first released in March 2018. It is a 5-reel, 30 pay line slot machine. The minimum bet per spin is 15p. The maximum is £450, which makes it one of the more expensive NetEnt slots to play when it comes to the upper level, but the minimum bet is perfectly accessible.

This game is retro. Very retro. You got neon signs. Dudes decked out in sunglasses. Jewellery, sunsets, and all that jazz. Honestly, Hotline looks good. The images are well-drawn and it makes a chance to get a new slot from NetEnt which does not go overboard with the fancy graphics and the like. We have no real complaints on the theming level. This is yet another game which just shows how fantastic NetEnt is when it comes to the design of their games. We believe that the game is based on Miami Vice or perhaps the pc game "Hotline Miami" as it certainly has all the hallmarks of all that, although NetEnt is never going to say that. They do not wish to pay the licensing fees most like, but none of that matters because the theming is spot on.

While there are a few features loaded into the Hotline slot machine, there is nothing here that is going to be particularly tricky to understand. Well, at least there shouldn’t be. This is a slot which seems to be made for both beginners and experienced players alike. After playing it for a few hours, we certainly had a ton of fun. 

Hotline Slot Game Features

There are several features to be found in the Hotline slot, and a few of them are unique enough to make this slot easily one of the best slots to play. This means you should find plenty of interesting and exciting twists and turns as you play. 

Hotline Bonus Bet: The main feature comes in the form of the Hotline bonus bet. Of course, to enjoy this bet you will need to stump up some extra cash (they don’t call it a bonus bet for no reason). When you play this, you can activate one or all three of the lines for your bonus bet. The more hotlines you have activated in the game, the more chance you for there to be expanding wilds and more of a chance to nail yourself some re-spins. It is worth it, in our opinion. 

Expanding Wilds: Expanding wilds can appear anywhere on the reels. If a wild lands on an activate hotline, then it can expand to cover the whole reel (one of the main reasons why you should be activating all the potential hotlines, even if it does cost you a little bit more) If you get a wild on a hotline, then game will automatically award you with a respin. The wild will, of course, remain sticky on the reels. This is why the more hotlines you have activate, the more chance you have of winning. The expanded wild will almost always give you a free respin. 

Hotline Free Spins: The sunset scatter symbol is where these are lurking. When you land 3 of them simultaneously on reels 1, 3 and 5 you will trigger the Free Spins feature. Here, you'll be rewarded with 7 free spins. During this, if a wild lands on an activated Hotline, it will expand and remain in place on the reels until the end of this feature. Theoretically, you could end up with a screen full of wilds on every free spin, which as mentioned above, will result in the biggest payout from the game.

Hotline Slot RTP%, Variance & Winning Combinations

Maximum Wins: To land the maximum payout for this game you’d need to fill a screen full of wild symbols. This would ultimately result in maximum wins of 400x your stake on every spin/re-spin/free spin you make. For example, if you managed to fill the reels with wilds on your first free spin within the free spins feature, then this would result in you getting a whopping 2,800 times your stake (400 x stake for 7 free spins).

Hotline Slot RTP% & Variance: The game is set with a nice 97.40% RTP which is higher than most other Netent slots and other slots from alternative providers, making it one of the highest paying slots out there. As mentioned, this game is built for the beginner and advanced player in mind.

Hotline slot is considered a medium variance game. You can choose your stake size and see how many expanded, sticky wilds you play with. We found that playing with 3 Hotlines was the best option, but it will set you back between 45p and £450 per spin. Also, the more ‘Hotlines’ that you play with, the higher the potential return is (RTP%). One Hotline =  96.13% RTP, 2 Hotlines = 96.70% RTP and 3 Hotlines = 97.04% RTP.

Preview of Netent's Hotline Slot

Above is a trailer for Netent's Hotline slot which is taken from our Youtube Channel. As you can see, the preview highlights how fast-paced and action-packed this game is, along with the fantastic theming and soundtrack. You can view our full Youtube Hotline Slot video preview here.

Hotline Mobile Slot

Since Hotline is a NetEnt slot, you can expect the mobile version of this game to be impeccable. While we have not had much of a chance to play about with the mobile version of the Hotline Slot (we spend most of our time playing with the desktop version when we review games), the hour or so that we spent with it indicates that this game is going to be amazing for those who mostly play on mobile devices. The colour scheme of the retro 80s really comes into its own on the smaller screen too. Highly recommended for those who prefer to play mobile slots.

Our Verdict

We know that the bonus bet on Hotline slot is going to put some people off. Nobody is ever really a fan of slots that ask you to pay a little bit more for a higher chance of winning. However, trust us on this one. When you play an online slot like Hotline, you are going to want to pay that extra cash. It is worth it. The higher chance of winning is actually a massively higher chance of winning because if you do, the RTP% does theoretically shoot up to 97.06%! There are also plenty of other features too, which keeps this game exciting as they regularly pop up.

If you want to find out more or play Hotline slot for yourselves, then there are a few suggestions of trusted UK casinos below, which not only offer the game on all devices, but also offer some of the most competitive welcome bonuses for new customers too.