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When it comes to betting, eSports is probably one of the fastest growing types of events that you can bet on. While eSports, in the past, seemed to be something firmly rooted in ‘nerd culture’, the ease of access to streaming live events through services such as Twitch and the like has made betting on these sports far more popular.  Here, we want to give you an introduction to the world of betting with eSports.

What are eSports?

eports uk what is itI don’t want to get into the age old discussion of whether eSports are real sports here. There are arguments on both sides of the coin and, honestly, if you are betting on them it does not really matter.

An eSport is simply a competitive game. Well, not just competitive, but a game that has a major scene behind it. A scene that wants to watch some of the best players compete against each other.

It is games such as Starcraft which really set the world of eSports in motion a few decades ago, now you have major games such as Counterstrike, League of Legends, and Fortnite being played in some pretty huge arenas. These games are being played by people earning a ton of money from their sponsors. Pro players. Not every game is going to be an eSports game. Not every competitive game is going to be defined as eSports.

It needs to have support from viewers (we are talking millions willing to tune in) and a thriving sponsorship scene. Since you are reading this, we are sure that you already have some inkling about what eSports games are popular at the moment.

How to Get Started in eSports Gambling

Just like any other way that you wish to bet - by finding betting sites that offer this type of event. Not all do but we can help you out with that below. Seriously. It is that simple. In the next section we are going to talk about finding an eSports Gambling site that you can play at. Here, we just want to give you a brief run through of how you can prepare to gamble in eSports.

Firstly; you are going to need to understand the eSport that you want to bet on completely. You want to know the main players and clans/teams in the sport. You want to know how they are performing. Honestly, it can be tough to gamble on eSports unless you know about the game.

You will also want some way to watch the eSport, and you will want to watch it regularly too, particularly in the build up to a huge event. Twitch and YouTube Gaming is going to be fantastic for this.

If you play popular games such as DOTA2, then you may even find that some games are streamed through the client. Nearly everything should be on Twitch though, so you are good there. Remember; at this point you are not spending anything, you are just getting started in eSports Gambling.

The reason why there is going to be so much preparation here is because the games are not as popular in the betting industry. This means that the odds can change with even a couple of bets being placed. You can’t use odds to workout the likelihood of something happening. You need to use your brain.

How can you find a website for eSports Gambling?

Most sites do not offer eSports Gambling at the moment, which does to some extent make it a bit easier to track down a website. Here are a couple of tips that you can use:

  • Find one which offers the event you want to bet on. Some of the smaller games may not be covered by the smaller websites.
  • Compare odds between various websites. Due to the volatility of this type of betting, it is impossible for a site to be the best every time.
  • Make sure that the website is registered with the UK Gambling Commission.
  • You should be able to bet through your mobile device.
  • There should be several ways to deposit and withdraw money from your account.
  • The site should be easy to use.

Want to check out some eSports Gambling Sites?

Luckily for you, our team have been very hard at work. Below, you will be introduced to some of the best eSports betting sites around at the moment. Remember; there are not many that are allowing eSport betting at the moment because it is something which is tough to predict. As the scene continues to thrive, expect us to update this list with some of the best websites around.


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