Casiplay Casino

Do you love amazing online casinos? Well, you may want to check out Casiplay Casino. It is a newish casino and may not have all the bells and whistles that some of the largest online casinos in the UK have, but it is still going to be a fantastic place to play. Shall we tell you a little bit about what it brings to the table?

First Impressions

Let’s start with the first impressions of the site. Where else would we begin? Unlike some of the other ‘newer’ casinos out there, Casiplay Casino has actually put a bit of effort into the design. It looks like a nice and sophisticated online casino. The only real issue that we have with Casiplay is that it tries to push the fact that it offers slots a little bit too hard. Every single game listed on the main page is a slot. This is a shame, because the site offers a whole lot more than a couple of fruities.

We do love the fact that they have decided to include a search bar for their games on the main page, and you have a couple of links for the rest of the games on the site, so it is easy to browse the categories. The site is well laid out, if we have to say so.

Since this is a new casino site, you do not need to worry about downloading any additional apps onto your phone or other mobile device if you feel like playing a couple of games. While we have not looked fully into the number of games that are available on Casiplay (there are a lot of games), we are fairly confident that at least 90% of the games can be played with mobile devices. You may struggle with some of the older, less-popular games.

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Casiplay Bonus & Offers

We are not going to go into too much depth on the promotions that Casiplay Casino currently has, because these are always subject to change. Remember; it is a newer website, which means that the promotions are being changed around to guarantee the biggest chance of gaining new customers.

We can tell you that the welcome bonuses are going to be some of the best around. It will normally be a matched-deposit, and maybe a couple of free spins thrown in for good measure. This is on top of a ton of VIP bonuses which are designed to keep you on the site and playing with them. The current bonus is displayed below:

Game Selection

The bulk of the site is, obviously, going to be about the slots. Most online casinos are nowadays as this is where the bulk of the money is made. All the usual suspects can be found on Casiplay Casino, including almost the entire current Netent range of slots, which isn’t too shabby. While it is unlikely that Casiplay is ever going to be large enough as an online casino to nail some of the exclusive games, it is big enough to eb able to add some amazing new slots as and when they are released.

If you are not a fan of slots, you will be pleased to know that there is a wealth of other games that you will be able to enjoy while you are kicking around on Casiplay Casino. This includes instant win games, scratch cards, and some table games too. While the selection is not as large as some of the other online casinos that you find out there, there should be more than enough to keep even the most avid of gamblers happy.

If you love your live casino games, you will be pleased to know that Casiplay Casino is always adding to the huge selection that they have available. Again, probably not the largest selection in the world, but this is a site which is almost always expanding, and we can guarantee that as Casiplay Casino gets bigger and bigger that an even larger selection of live games is added.

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Deposit And Withdrawal Methods

There are a wealth of ways in which you can get money into your account with Casiplay Casino. This includes direct bank deposit, all bank cards, Trustly, Skrill, Neteller and even bitcoin if you wish (the bitcoin will be converted into local currency, you won’t actually be gambling with bitcoin) In our experience, withdrawing money from our account was quick and easy, and the minimum withdrawal limits were not so high as to be out of reach with a spot of light gambling.

Summary -  Casiplay is Recommended!

Honestly, this casino is so great looking and offers a huge selection of games that, yes - you can find other casinos that look grand and offer just as much, but we do think that Casiplay deserves a little more of a mention when it comes to design - they've done a marvellous job! 

What's more, this casino operates on the Aspire Global platform which really is one of the most professional and trusted platforms out there (other casinos which do also include Karamba and Mr Play) If you are interested then clickthe link below and you can check out this fantastic online casino!