Lost Relics Slot Review

Lost Relics is basically Indiana Jones, but without the whopping licensing cost attached to it. While it is not the best slot NetEnt has ever released, it is going to give you a world of fun!

How to Play Lost Relics Slot Machine

Lost Relics is a standard 5x5 slot. Well, the standard for NetEnt nowadays. It is a cluster pays slot. Again, the standard for NetEnt. We are not sure if we love the fact that there is no traditional payline structure in place, but cluster pays are always nice to play.

You will need a minimum of six symbols a pop. This is a medium variance slot, so don’t expect the wins to come in that often, but you should still see some cash come your way.

We are not going to focus on the theme too much. It is very much traditional ‘NetEnt fare’. It has cartoon-like characters with a banging soundtrack behind it. Honestly, we were not lying when we say that it is Indiana Jones-like.

Obviously, since this is a NetEnt slot, you can’t expect it to be too crazy in terms of features. Well, there are some features but as with all NetEnt slots, it is designed for beginners. More as a way of working them into the world of slots without overwhelming them. Experienced players love playing NetEnt slots too, mostly because they provide a more casual playing experience.

Bonus Rounds & In Game Features

One feature is completely random, and we can’t say that we have seen it much. There is one symbol on the reels which will provide an instant cash prize. This can be anything from 3x to 30x your initial stake. It is not a huge sum of cash, but it does add up.

It also means that you can have up to 30 ‘dead spins’, which won’t be uncommon on a medium variance slot and still break even. When it has popped up for us, it has always come at the best moments and has allowed us to continue to play the slot.

Also randomly triggered can be some extra wilds or some extra scatters. These are features that will trigger often when you are playing Lost Relics, so it is awesome. We have certainly experienced a good few wins with some extra wilds being thrown onto the reels.

It really does help when it is a cluster pays slot. The wilds become more meaningful as they are more likely to form a winning combination. Other slots throw these random wilds into the most obscure places. They tease you and fail to deliver.

If you are lucky enough to get three scatters and believe us you will be eventually, you will be taken to a free spins round. This is where you will be awarded 10 free spins. You have the opportunity to get random treasure chest scatters here which can give you some extra cash and some more free spins. There may even be a multiplier or two attached. This is a feature that is always going to do well for you.

Lost Relics Mobile Slot

Of course, as with most NetEnt slots nowadays, Lost Relics has been designed for mobile devices first. Sure, it is going to look awesome on a desktop computer, but if you crack it open on your mobile device it is going to look even better. The cartoon graphics are wonderful and highly detailed. We love it.

The mobile version of Lost Relics is incredibly smooth too. This is going to be a game that you will want to be playing a lot on your mobile device. Trust us on that one!

Summary – What Do We Think

Lost Relics is new from NetEnt (at the time of writing in May 2018). It is part of a series of various adventure-themed slots that NetEnt has put out. We reckon that this is one of the better of them.

It functions well, and the features are interesting. We especially love the random cash bonuses. For this reason, we can’t help but recommend it. It is a tremendous amount of fun.

We know that both new and experienced players will enjoy it. If you want to check out Lost Relics, then you will need a good NetEnt casino to play it at. Check out some of our favourites below!