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The Invisible Man Mobile Slot Review

The Invisible Man, which is a casino slot by NetEnt and released at the beginning of December has made it to the prestigious Netent Touch series as well. This is a good call by Netent, seen as the slot has gained huge popularity since its initial launch. It is one of our favourite’s casinos slots online too.

How to Play The Invisible Man Mobile Slot

The Invisible Man Slot got its theme inspiration from the classic Universal picture of the same name which was released in 1933. First of all that’s a long time ago now, if you think that date is creeping up to a century ago. But it is nice of NetEnt to bring back such a popular older film from times gone by.

If you’re not familiar, the movie tells the tale of a mysterious doctor who discovers a potion which makes him invisible, but alas does slowly drive him to commit acts of unspeakable terror.

NetEnt have made it perfectly into a casino slot for those who like some action and thrills when playing online casino.

NetEnt have not used any of the original movie fragments so NetEnt came up perfectly with their own original animations.

The sounds from the movie are the original ones however. Netent managed to get hold and make a mutual partnership with Hollywood heavy weights with a licensing agreement with Universal™.

Just like its desktop counterpart, The Invisible Man Touch® is a 5-reel, 3-row, and 20-line win-both-ways mobile casino game with Re-Spins, Free Spins, Wild substitutions, Walking Wilds and two Bonus Features!

Bonus Rounds & Extra Features

Free Spins: In the main game, Free Spins, and during Police Spins, each Wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols. Police Wilds in The Invisible Man Touch appear on the first reel and move from the left to the right at the start of each re-spin. This is better known as a ‘Walking Wilds’

Wilds: The Police Wilds appear on reel 1 only, moving to the right. The Griffin Wild will appear on reel 5, moving from right to the left. However, if these two Wild features meet each other in the middle, the two Wilds will fuse and merge together and you’ll get 10 Free Spins activated. During the 10 Free Spins both Wilds, the Griffin Wild and the Police Wild, can appear anywhere on the reels. Two measure - meters will be shown during Free Spins, which relate to the Wilds that appear on the reels.

It takes a Griffin Wild, or Police Wild, to make a move off of the reels to fill one space on the matching meter. This is where it gets quite interesting and captivating: When all eight spaces are filled before free spins ends, another bonus feature is awarded.

the invisible man slot review netent touch

Summary - What Do We Think?

We really happy that The Invisible Man was made from desktop casino slot to a mobile casino slot. It is one of our favourites. Partly because of the theme; it’s different and a bit old school spiced with some drama, but also because its quite inventive and have extra features that just make the game so appealing and fun while you’re playing it. It's highly recommended to play this slot on your mobile as it loses none of the original features, on the contary - it's packed full of them!